FOR high achievers and professional go-getters

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... who is ready to grow and level up.

Let's create a reality where you wake up cheerful and excited about your day! No more overwhelm, hard work and hustle, and instead a joyful life, thriving business and feelings of fulfillment and deep inner peace every day!

Gift yourself support for a longer period as my retainer client. Keep the transformation going and integrate everything we have worked on together before.

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Get custom strategy, mindset and energy coaching on any topic in your business & life.

A soothing and expanding experience for everyone who wants to go even further in their manifestation journey and has worked with Lydia before.

✓ One 45 minute Zoom call per month
✓ One day per week Voxer/Telegram coaching
✓ 6 month retainer
✓ Access to the Change Your Reality Mastermind
✓ 10% discount for Pay in Full (msg for the link)



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Out with the old…

Worrying about money, even if you make a lot

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and extremely busy

Carrying the weight for everyone around you, being the rock for everyone

Overburdening yourself, overgiving towards clients

Disconnected from your partner, not feeling supported, or not finding the right one

Family struggles, parenting issues, postponing your own dreams?

Suffering from mental stress, constant negative mind chatter and anxious thoughts?

In with the new…

feeling at ease around money, making more and keeping more, building wealth

feeling deeply fulfilled, happy, satisfied, at ease and at peace with yourself and your life

Create healthy boundaries, take care of your own needs, build satisfying connection with others

Find and implement aligned strategies in your business(es) that help you to work LESS and earn MORE.

Experience deep connection, intimacy and a fulfilling love life

easily calm your mind and turn the negative voices in your head into powerful positive self-talk 

YES, I am in for the RETAINER coaching package

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