I’m Lydia

Life and Mindset coach for humans who want to create a life & Biz they love. 

Being born into a religious cult led me to a journey of immense self-discovery and transformation.

When I started my business 10 years ago I was depressed and without direction. My traumatic past almost crushed me. I overcame being a work addict, survived two burnouts and finally got a grip on waking up with crippling anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts.

Today, I live a life by design. A life that includes an unshakeable inner peace and freedom on all levels (emotional, mental, financial, time and location).

Many of my clients had troubled childhoods too and have experienced the same hidden limiting beliefs I once carried. Yet they are ready for change and yearn for MORE.

We work on the practical & strategic side of high achievement. We will also work with mindset and manifestation techniques - diving straight into the realm of your infinite possibilities!

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Listen to my podcast where I share insights into how high achievers can create lives of freedom, happiness, and personal fulfillment at the same time as continuing to increase their financial success.