Hello, high achievers and professional go-getters.


Welcome to my corner of reality where I help you create yours. That’s right. You create your reality. What a freeing and powerful prospect that is. And a prospect that happens to be entirely true…

Limitations do not go with your lifestyle…

Imagine you’ve bought a beautiful leafy green plant to brighten your home.

For years, it sits proudly on the shelf in its pot occupying the same space. One day you realize your lovely plant might benefit from a larger plant pot. In a matter of weeks, it suddenly grows and perfectly fills its new conditions and then stops.

Now imagine that there is no plant pot. No limitations. Just exponential potential and growth.

There is often just one difference between fulfillment and failure. 

And the difference is huge. 

It’s your mindset.



Your mindset is the mental currency that creates your reality.

Mastering your mind isn’t fluffy or fanciful. It’s essential to inner peace and building a life of abundance. Professional and personal success, your ideal lifestyle, a deep sense of ease and fulfillment – you can do this. But humans are conditioned, meaning that it has been scientifically proven that we are hard-wired to repeat the same negative patterns and it is hard to shake off. 

That is where I come in. Clients have leveled up their income and lives massively using specific techniques. They have transformed themselves and as a result, their reality.

Your mind is a powerful place.

It’s also very hard to master by yourself.
Which is why I am here for you.

"Hi Lydia, I just wanted to let you know that I got most of my initial goal: 3k the first week of April. Around 2.3k was wired to my account last Tuesday for not even 1 hour of consulting work + I sold some stuff making it almost 3k in cash 🙌😂🙌 Thanks again, I'm still working the magic and the mental diet sure was exactly what I needed to add to my routines ❤️"


How would your life truly be if you believed you were enough?

What would life be if you felt adequate and worthy of all the good things in life without having to over achieve and work tirelessly?

Picture it now. That comfort. That peace. That freedom. 

That is what overcoming limiting thoughts looks like!

How would your life truly be if you believed you were enough?

What would life be if you felt adequate and worthy of all the good things in life without having to over achieve and work tirelessly?

Picture it now. That comfort. That peace. That freedom. 

That is what overcoming limiting thoughts looks like!


Did you know that high achievers, inherently, lack the feeling of being enough and worthy. They feel worthy and adequate through achievement rather than their sheer existence.

 Is this how you feel?

Enjoy more of what your heart truly desires. More money, travel, healthy relationships and happiness. But most importantly, more fulfillment and FREEDOM.


I’m Lydia

Mindset and Manifestation coach for humans who want to create a life they love. 

Being born into a religious cult led me to a journey of self-discovery and transformation. I researched, invested, traveled and learned how to let go of hidden limiting beliefs and master my mind.

Today, I live a life by design. A life that includes an unshakeable inner peace and freedom on all levels (emotional, mental, financial, time and location).

Many of my clients had troubled childhoods too and have experienced the same hidden limiting beliefs I once carried. My clients are all over the world and what they all share in common is that they are ready for change and yearn for MORE. We work on the practical and strategic side of high achievement. We will also work with mindset and manifestation techniques - diving straight into the realm of your infinite possibilities!

Together, we’ve got this exciting and authentic journey that enriches our minds and lives.

Are you ready to smile a deep smile that spreads right through your soul?

Your only regret will be not doing it sooner.

"Over the years, I’ve tried different modalities and Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle to integrate everything."


"When I came to Lydia, I only knew the "old way" of working: long hours, hard-driving, high stress, grinding it out. Lydia taught me an approach that is better in a million fantastic ways." 


"Lydia showed me where I had to dig deeper. I was never stuck in work; I was stuck in myself. I had brainwashed myself over 33 years with false beliefs and non-supportive self-talk."


"Lydia told me for months and months, and now I finally embodied her wisdom. The last quarter I was pretty much full-time traveling and only focusing on what feels good for me. Out of nowhere I got clients spending 30k in two months with total ease. No hustling at all. Love it, and thank you Lydia."


"I have worked with Lydia for several years in one way or another and it has created massive shifts in my self-image, income and attitude towards life and work. I absolutely love experiencing all the magic she teaches."


"It’s €171.000 net sales in April. They don’t pay all this month, but I really like this number."


"I just received word that we have a buyer and that they are agreeing to our current list price of ﹩67.000. Which is great news! I had not thought of this as a way to get to my desired 70k month…"


Out with the old…

Do you earn less and have less impact than you should/could?

Are you overwhelmed, exhausted and extremely busy?

Are you working tirelessly instead of efficiently?

Do you feel you carry the weight for everyone around you?

Do you feel alone with your struggles?

Are you unhappy in your relationship, or perpetually and stoically single?

Are you postponing your dreams?

Do you suffer from mental stress, constant negative mind chatter and anxious thoughts?

In with the new…

Bid farewell to overwhelm and create the flow, ease and fulfilled life you’ve always dreamed of.

Solve the root causes of guilt, anxiety, fear, etc., and reprogram your mind so that you experience feelings of deep and unshakeable inner peace and joy.

Create a system and routines that WORK for you. Release pain and handle what life throws at you and calm your busy mind from this point forwards.

Find and implement aligned strategies in your business(es) that help you to work LESS and earn MORE.

Want to become a conscious creator?



For High Achievers to Call in More Money, Love and Happiness

High achievers are very analytical and smart people. While that's amazing for problem solving and getting things done it can hinder you in conscious manifestation.

Use my proven 4-step formula to create the reality you desire in all areas of your life and business!


"I’ve noticed shifts in the relationship with my partner, who became very vulnerable, and connected at a deeper level."


"My wife and I have always fought. However, just these last couple of weeks, I've been affirming her feelings toward me as we begin the cycle of words that usually end in argument. Strangely, nothing happens... it just seems to dissolve into nothing and we get on fine. It's still early days yet, but so far so good. I think it definitely is possible to change them... if we really want to. "


"Win note: my wife has been lovely and so supportive. Amazing how quickly she can change 😉😍 "


"I‘ve had a similar situation with my Ex-Boss this week. I was always arguing with her. Since I‘m doing affirmations around her conversations are totally different! More respectful and effective ! This confirms Lydia’s opinion that “others are only us, pushed out”!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ They show us what we think about them!!"


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