You are an INSPIRATION – most often without even knowing!

You are an INSPIRATION – most often without even knowing!

Recently an old friend congratulated me on my birthday and in one of his messages mentioned my inspiring content on Instagram. I had never seen him like my posts, nor commenting, nor sending me messages and was truly astonished to hear him saying all those beautiful words about me & my message.

Even though I get a lot of wonderful feedback from all of you (and I am deeply grateful for that), this incident made clear to me on a much deeper level, that you NEVER know whom YOU INSPIRE! You might have the feeling that you are writing for no one, that not a single person cares about you & your message. You might get frustrated about the low interaction in your groups and missing likes/comments.

I tell you: NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! There are people out there who desperately NEED to hear your message. There are people out there who in their darkest hour wouldn’t reach out to you and tell you that your post mattered to them. Because they don’t have the strength, the courage, the self-belief, whatever. But it did!

This one message of you might change a person’s life. It might keep a person alive. This is ALL that counts. Because that is why you do it, my dear. ❤

And you already inspire more people than you could ever imagine. What’s coming back to you is just a tiny tiny fraction of the magnitude of you, your message and the IMPORTANCE OF YOUR WORK.

If you are creating content and doing something, you belong to the 1% who are going out there! Don’t expect others to be the same. Just KNOW that you have a tremendous impact. And that KNOWINGNESS is all that you will ever need my dear.
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