Everything you've been through to get where you are now... you know now it's time to take the next step! That's why I introduce to you the 

Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe 

To help you create the energy, the mindset and take the aligned actions to have the freedom & ease you want from your business! 

There are usually three factors which keep you stuck at the verge of your next level in business: the people you surround yourself with, misalignment in your mindset/energy and the kind of action you are taking.

All of those three factors we are going to tackle in the SOULFUL ENTREPRENEUR TRIBE - a powerful MEMBERSHIP EXPERIENCE via private access, with support from your fellow entrepreneurs, new content each month and a monthly group call, my lovely!

Let me explain a bit further... You might be good in some of those areas I mentioned above, in others not so much. So of course it is very individual and subjective, what the missing ingredient is to your success.

Let me start with the first one!

The power of COMMUNITY

The journey of an entrepreneur can be rocky, fun, frustrating, exhilarating, fulfilling, draining, you name it! But most of all … it can feel LONELY - if you are not connecting with the right people!

It can feel that you are the only one on the journey! You don’t work 9-5. You don’t leave your house at the same time every day. You don’t pick up a pay cheque at the end of each month. Your family and friends don’t necessarily understand what you are doing!

Being an entrepreneur is DIFFERENT. And the RIGHT community is very powerful as when we come together we create a space where WE CAN GO A LOT FURTHER.

When I started out I craved a like-minded community. All my friends were in the 9:5 world. They didn't understand my struggles, my constant focus on my business, my questions. I was working a lot, because my business was MY baby. I felt the need to defend my working hours, my flexible lifestyle, even my huge dreams and vision. Who was I wanting to make 6 and then 7 figures?

Therefore I understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur and not feel supported. The RIGHT community is so very powerful as when we come together as soulful entrepreneurs we create a space where WE CAN GO A LOT FURTHER.

I have taken part in many membership sites and masterminds (and learnt from the best) so I am confident – and have been told its one of my super powers – that I create a MAGICAL SPACE for my tribes to experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.

And therefore I created the SOULFUL ENTREPRENEUR TRIBE for you!

This is for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur in business looking for a safe online space to GROW your business with SOUL and EASE
  • You crave support from LIKE-MINDED ENTREPRENEURS who are focused on substantial growth and success
  • You want to be surrounded by people who SUPPORT YOU FULLY in both your challenges and successes
  • You want the group to be LED by someone who is a LIVING EXAMPLE - walking this path already (and speaking & living her truth)

Here’s the thing – we as entrepreneurs are in the top 1 % of people, who set goals and achieve them.  However, you will find that people in your life want you to achieve SOME things, but not be TOO successful … as this triggers them and their insecurities! 

So, the Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe creates that space for you that finally supports and allows you to …

  1. Be in a safe space to share your BIGGEST SUCCESSES with people who cheerlead you on and want you to do well
  2. Be in a safe space to share your CHALLENGES with those who support you through them

"Focus and motivation for starting your own business"

"The best thing for me at the Tribe is being part of a dynamic group of like-minded business starters, and it's incredibly motivating to engage with people who face the same challenges as myself.

The live calls, motivation tips and the setting of a weekly focus help me to stay tuned to my goals and work more efficiently. Lydia accompanies in a wonderfully authentic way and always has a suitable tip for the questions of everyday business life - especially when it comes to the most important thing at the start: the right mindset."

Martina Trampnau, Naturopath & Coach

The power of your MINDSET and ENERGY

Another important part of being a successful entrepreneur - may this mean having a six figure business, being an authority and expert in your field, empowering thousands of souls with your message - is your mindset and your energy.


This is the REAL DEAL. However, time and time again, this is the part that is so undervalued but vitally IMPORTANT. You can have the perfect strategy - one so many use - and it won't work for you. Because strategy on its own doesn't create success...! I have created close to 6 figures in half a year (!) due to massively shifting my energy. Working on and with strategy alone had left me broke for years...

Mindset is the bridge between energy and strategy. I will show you how to shift your mindset to consciously activate the power of energy work. And when you understand and use your ENERGY you can access the limitless potential within you, take aligned action and create WHATEVER you long for in your business and life.

The power of your ALIGNED ACTION

There are a MILLION and one ways of doing business out there. The key is to finding the one strategy for YOU – your unique way of doing marketing and strategy. There are tweaks and techniques to optimise what you are already doing. Strategy is important when you are experiencing business growth – as you will need to consider important factors such as team and outsourcing – however this needs to be in ALIGNMENT with your energy and what works best for you.

I am so SUPER EXCITED to create this amazing group setting for you, where we tackle the community aspect, your energy and your aligned action to get all three WORKING FOR YOU! So that you can finally brake free from all you limitations, which are currently holding you back from your full potential - and the six figure income, raving fans in your audience and massive impact you came here to have on our planet!

You cannot find your blind spots on your OWN … that is why help and support is CRUCIAL - and you will get it from me and the other members in the Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe.

  • You will learn all my wisdom and all my knowledge with regards to Mindset and Energy … this has helped me breakthrough in my own business to reaching 6figures - while working in ease and enjoying a very free and comforting lifestyle
  • Mindset goes deep, however, it doesn’t need to be difficult – my values are ease, fun and freedom – so I bring this into my work with you in our tribe ❤
  • I also have a strategic approach to business, so this is part of the deal! I will tackle the different ways to build and grow a business, as sustained growth is the way to go (no more feast and famine cycles)









  1. ONE LIVE COACHING CALL PER MONTH: second Tuesday of the month at 11am CET:
    OUR FIRST MEETING is the 11th December 2018
  2. SUPPORT IN A CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP: from me and others in the group answering your burning questions and cheering you on from the side lines when you do well 😊
  3. POWERFUL VIDEO TUTORIALS on key subjects regarding mindset, energy and strategy: that will walk you through step by step through to strengthen and grow all important areas in your businesse.g.:

  • Find and work with your TARGET ENERGY so that business becomes easy and effortless!
  • Use journaling to find hidden limiting beliefs and get to know different methods to remove them so that NOTHING CAN HOLD YOU BACK ANYMORE from succeeding big time!
  • Grow a THRIVING SUPPORT TEAM around you that will help you stay in your zone of genius and MULTIPLY your ability to earn!
  • Deepen your understanding of other people and UPLEVEL YOUR OWN COACHING/SELLING/CONSULTING SKILLS so that you grown personally and business-wise!
  • Find the best approach for your SALES CONVERSATIONS and convert your prospects to clients so that you don't fear those talks anymore but look forward to every single one of them!
  • Find your SOULMATE CLIENTS - or even better - learn to BE FOUND BY THEM so that the constant questioning of "how do I find clients" finally can come to an end!
  • Grow an AUDIENCE FULL OF SUPER FANS, who send you messages how they adore you and how much you inspire them so that you feel the amazing IMPACT YOU ARE HAVING ON THE PLANET!
  • And so much more...


99 € per month (+VAT)!

You can easily leave the tribe through sending me a message 2 days prior to the next monthly payment.

"The (business) tribe with heart and mind"

"I can recommend it to anyone who wants to consciously tackle the topic of business development, I love Lydia's clear style and her ability to put things in a nutshell, giving them clarity, focus and enjoyment of building business.

Sharing with like-minded people in the shared Facebook group is extremely valuable. In the group as well as in the live trainings Lydia gives extensive feedback, tips and tricks around the topic business and mindset. It always puts me back on the right track with ease! "

Sandra Halbe, Flow Coach and Motivation Trainer 


I was born and raised in Germany, and I have been travelling around the world since the age of 12. FREEDOM, EASE and SERVICE are my TOP values.  I have travelled to 50 countries and it feeds my soul to experience new cultures. I am lucky to be able to coach my clients from wherever I am in the world.

What does freedom look like to you? What does ease and beautiful service look like to you?  Whatever the answer - I am here to help you do that <3

I grew up in surroundings of extreme control. I was not allowed my own opinions. I was not free. I lived a life of strict regime.  When I was at the age to make my own choice – I was then able to BREAK FREE. 

Through extensive personal development and mindset training, over the past 15 years, I have found MY VOICE, I have found my FREEDOM and TRANSFORMED my life and business.

All my experience gives me the ability to mentor others with integrity and a personal profoundness. I will help you take your life to the next level by propelling your business and personal life to a place you would have never imagined existed. ❤

Not sure if this is the right thing for you? Sign up to receive my FREE TRAINING: "Seven Ways to Increase Your Sales with Ease" and learn more about the Tribe on the Go...

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