TREAT YOURSELF | Design your business so that it suits YOU and not vice versa.

I had a call with my lovely client Teresa from and we spoke about designing your lifestyle as an entrepreneur. My advice for her and for everyone out there is to do WHATEVER YOU LIKE and build your business to support exactly that.

We have enough people already who don’t follow their heart, who burn out or bore out, who are more dead than alive. We don’t need you to follow that same destructive path!!

Instead, find out what lights up your soul!

Going on a 2 months vacation and working from Thailand/Bali/Columbia? Going for a swim on Tuesday afternoon? 😍 Indulging yourself in lots of yummy vegan food, fun and chilling on a rainy weekend with your bestie? Doing what your soul craves for even though your brain might go mental with “you have to do xyz”? 😀

Yes, you created your business to support you. So stop falling into the trap of twisting it around.

Hustling might be fun – once in a while or as often as you like. However, if you don’t like hustling, stop the f*** it! And start enjoying your life, pampering yourself and running your biz like that.

Never ever give up on yourself and your DESIRES. They are the KEY to your SUCCESS, my dear!

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