Tools and Mindset Hacks for growing your Business bigtime

Tools & Mindset Hacks for your Business

My lovely ones, I am often being asked for tools, resources and also for tips to grow your business, as well as how to go through everyday business. Here I have put together a list of all the tools and mindset shifts that I use myself. The list is always expanding and everything that is here I can 100% recommend!  

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links. When you buy a product or tool through these links, I get a small commission. I'd be really happy for your support. Of course, there is absolutely no additional cost to you.

My 5 best Mindset hacks for you and your business:


Everything happens at the right time and everything takes just the right time. WHATEVER happens in your life, it is a GIFT. With this attitude, you develop serenity and relaxation towards your goals. A setback becomes less of a failure and more a case of a good idea waiting for "it’s" time or a stepping stone of the universe to deliver something much greater to you then you were expecting.


With this attitude, you open spaces that may not even be visible to you. Just the theoretical recognition "that everything is possible" makes more possible in your life. Through this shift you access your higher self, instead of working from your conditioned mind (your ego).


A big goal consists of many small steps. As you learn to enjoy the path - the many small steps - rather than a distant future goal, you have infinite fun & fulfilment in your business. Then energy behind your big goal can only be experienced in the NOW. Therefore, acknowledging those seemingly small steps forward you start shifting your energy. This is the only way to finally also reach your big goals.


What you can and do NOW is perfect for people out there in the wide world who are waiting for you and your offer. Do not shift your life & business into the future but start NOW. You can learn while you are already active in doing. No need to become better, wiser, prettier. START BEFORE YOU ARE READY and keep on learning/improving while you are on your way.


Your "why," your values, your motivation are what drives you & your business. You develop charisma and enthusiasm for you and other people. Recalling your vision can REKINDLE the fire of your business over and over again.

By the way, your big why and your vision do not necessarily need focus on other people and the betterment of the world. Depending on your unique energy your vision might include creating a beautiful life for you and your children. This vision is perfect! Look out for what makes you happy and what your deepest desires are. They show you the way to your WHY.

These are some of my favorite MINDSET SHIFTS I work with in my business daily! Now to the TOOLS and RESOURCES, which complement my business. Keep on reading, my dear!

Tools and products that I use in my online business daily:


WordPress is definitely my favourite among the website and blog systems. I also had some experience with Joomla and Jimdo, but somehow, I always returned to WordPress. And that's exactly what I recommend to you.

Active Campaign

After a few different other newsletter providers (Cleverreach, Click Tip, Mailchimp and Getresponse) I ended up with ActiveCampaign and am very satisfied. For small money (some plans are completely free and you get a reasonable amount of capability) you have a great system available. The tagging option is especially great, so that you can follow exactly which of your readers are interested in something and can send them targeted newsletters.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress plugins that are really awesome. Opt In forms to generate leads, a landing page tool, and a testimonial plug-in - both collecting and presenting, are just three of the plugins I'm currently using. 

Thrive Themes is for me an all-round solution that I would buy again at any time! You can choose from a one-to-one or all-in-one solution that fits your wallet better.


Zoom is my conferencing software of choice. Almost all my online coaching sessions are done via zoom (more stable than Skype). I also use it to host Webinar-style conferences and my Mastermind Sessions. Likewise, everything is recorded and later uploaded to Vimeo. 


With Wishlist I can create member areas, e.g. the Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe. These can only be entered if you have a user account with password. There are then the contents of your online course or members area, protected from unregistered access. 


I use Vimeo to host my videos. Both for my Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe, as well as others, which I like to have embedded on my blog. The advantage here is that I can make the settings very restrictive. For example, the Tribe videos cannot be downloaded, which is important to me as they are part of a paid offer. The design is nice and simple. 

I do use several further tools, like Canva (for graphics), Planoly (to prepare my Instagram posts), iMovie (for simple video editing). 

The biggest part though are my lovely virtual assistants, social media manager and Pinterest assistant, who help me making life so much easier and joyful.

Not to forget my business coach, mastermind sisters, friends and family, who have made my six figure success this year not only a wish and desire, but a REALITY.


If you are ready to scale up your game and get wonderful support and help on your side, check out my Work with me Page and contact me. ❤

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