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For six weeks now I have had the dear Lydia at my side as my Business and Mindset Coach and it is the best decision I have ever made.

It allows me to develop my business with much greater self-confidence because I have a sparring partner for all important decisions and considerations who both asks me the right questions and gives me really valuable advice.

I appreciate the combination of coaching and mentoring very much and by working that closely with Lydia I can move forward much faster than I could ever have done alone.

At all times I feel that she is bringing all her HEART AND MIND into my business and this support is just priceless - what you get is not just a common blueprint, but a really deep connection for your business and life.

After only 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching with Lydia I was able to sell my first coaching package without even having a sales page for it. I never ever dreamed of selling with this much ease before and I'm very much looking forward to sky-rocketing my business with Lydia over the next 4.5 months!

Teresa Bauer Change Manager & Coach, www.getremote.de

Lydia is a GREAT COACH and I'm so thankful that she came into my life. I have felt for a while that I needed support, but I did not really know where to find it - until Lydia appeared. With her loving look behind the facade, she immediately recognised the various wheels and screws that needed to be turned on.

I really appreciate her insightful suggestions and concrete tips, which helped me to see more clearly and to get more in balance again. In a short time I have received so much input from Lydia that my notes fill many pages. Step by step, I am now putting these tips into practice very easily and with great positive energy.

Thanks to Lydia, I feel stronger and clearer than ever. I'm looking forward to going a long way with her because I'm convinced there's a lot more going on and Lydia has the gift to bring out the things that are already inside of me.

Andrea Erhart​​ Marketing Strategist, www.andrea-erhart.at

Jessica Josiger


I hired Lydia because I knew I couldn't accomplish, what I was striving for, on my own. At least not as this speed.

What I got through the coaching is far beyond everything I could imagine: I am deeply and strongly connected to my vision. I was finally able to be aware of my vision. It has been there ever since, hidden behind deep fears and limiting beliefs. Lydia helped me to perceive these layers and let them go layer by layer. Step by step I revealed my true self. I grew a deep understanding of my very own uniqueness and how to make use of it in the best way possible for my own benefit and the benefit of my loved ones and clients.

The quality of my coaching work changed strongly. It reached new levels of depth, clarity, connection and authenticity. I experienced very clearly, that my clients evolve as much as I do. I feel a love for my work, that makes it stop feeling like work.

Ease and harmony entered into all areas of life. My life has been evolving since more and more towards my dream reality. I am grateful and happy.

If you want to create your soul business out of your own power, love and depths and lay a strong, happy and gratifying foundation in your life, get in touch with Lydia. She will always give you what you need. The coaching was and is worth every cent I paid. If I could turn back the clock and decide once more, I would do the same again.

Dear Lydia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jessica Josiger Spiritual Mentor & Coach, www.jessicajosiger.com


Dear Lydia, I am so grateful for your wonderful coaching!

I felt so alone with my special empathetic perception for many years and only now I’ve learned that I am one of many highly sensitive persons. This has been such a lovely and comforting insight!

Lydia, you were straight to the point and showed me up valuable opportunities how to handle my gift without overspending myself.

I find your counselling to be nourishing in a lasting way. It continues reverberating… Your video “Perceiving the emotions of others” is linked to that. I am learning every day; it’s such a great feeling!

Sympathy, Sensitivity, Empathy combined with natural authority and something energetic with a great deal of humor, it’s such a brilliant mix, my dear Lydia! For me you run the gamut of all of this! 

Jenny Otto Life Mentor & Coach

Roz Ware


Lydia’s masterclass should be watched every morning as part of your routine! It’s not just because there are so many takeaways from her content, it’s her energy. Watch this every day for a dramatic shift in your energy!

In this masterclass, Lydia makes me feel like anything is possible for me, and gives me a roadmap of how to do it.

She keeps it SIMPLE. She keeps it CREATIVE. And she gives you POWER!

Lydia is the Queen of calm, gracious and powerful energy. A goddess Business coach!

Love you Lydia!

Roz Ware Leadership Coach, www.rozalynware.com

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