PERMISSION | Give yourself permission to be OUTSTANDING. Give yourself permission to SHINE.

A client of mine, the wonderful @lina.rempe brought this topic to my attention. So many fear to be outstanding and being “better” than others in their respective fields of expertise. Because if you shine, you consequently outshine others, right?

Wrooong my dear! Oh my gosh, I know this fear myself! Like: Stop being proud of yourself. Stop telling your successes, because you might offend them. Stop being happy when someone else is sad. Stop wanting more because others have less. You probably know your own sentences, haunting you for years and keeping you from fully stepping into your own light.

I tell you that is the biggest BS you can tell you. No one benefits from you holding back. NO ONE. If you don’t shine, someone will always loose. YOU! Only when you start standing in your light, EVERYONE CAN WIN.

YOU, because you bring your true gifts to the world. OTHERS, because you inspire them to step into their own power. When you shine you give others the permission to shine as well. If they feel challenged by your power you still help them so much more when you don’t hold back. You give them the chance to look at their blind spots & develop their personality.

Allowing yourself to step into your greatest potential never means to take away from others. Let others step up to you instead stepping down to them. Following others into their misery doesn’t help you, nor does it help them! Never forget that.

Sometimes it’s good to have the right crowd around you to support you with being more visible & shining your light. Women who support you in being powerful instead of being weak.

That’s what my Shift Heaven and Earth Mastermind can help you with. Powerful, beautiful, amazing, outstanding women who love exactly those qualities in you. Who empower you to bring out the best in you & not hold back. Click here to learn more.

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