Permission to Thrive


You will be enough. The moment is coming. You will feel seen and successful.

It’s just around the corner...

If you keep smashing your goals and secure the next degree, certification, house, business coach, car, or customer… THEN you will feel and be enough.

Or will you?

Like many high achievers, you may already have a thriving business or career. You work hard. You hustle. You’re driven and determined.

So, why does something feel wrong?

Feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness, stress, pain, anxiety, and doubt inch to the surface.

You work so hard and achieve so much that your happiness takes a backseat...

Many successful clients I work with are (to the outside world) smashing their goals. They have money, success, families, and accolades.

But the more they achieve the more empty and stressful life feels. Burnout beckons. They are stuck in a loop. Work/life balance is broken. Mental and physical energy is low.  Relationships, friendships and important milestones are missed.

Love, connection, intimacy, hobbies, health, passions, travel, time… how many more weeks, months and years will pass before you are the priority?

Stress is the silent killer. Insomnia prevails. A scarcity mindset keeps you locked in the pursuit of perfection. You’ve always been driven and independent. A lone wolf. But at what cost?

Should you hire a business coach to improve your career and productivity? Or should you hire a mindset mentor to improve your quality of life?

Perhaps you just need to have a word with yourself.

You’ll snap out of it.

This is just the way life is.

Brace for impact…

You do not have to sacrifice yourself to succeed!

It’s time to answer a very important question: Do you hustle and grind to prove yourself and your worth to the world?

Or do you work hard because it’s an extension of your self-worth and you are passionate for yourself and business?

Be honest here. Most people believe they fall into the latter category when they really fall into the first.

If your answer is the latter, then you don’t need me.

If your answer is the former, then I have some good news...

You just took the first step to complete the inner work that needs doing.

Permission to Thrive is the transformation described as “career-changing” AND “life-changing”. Many clients going on to enjoy multiple 5-figure or even 6-figure months minus the grind.

You will go on a journey that reviews, resets and transforms YOU - personally and professionally. I’m not kidding! But be warned, I will call you on your BS, but it will definitely all be worth it.

“Lydia taught me an approach that is better than high stress and long hours in a million fantastic ways…” (Keith J.)

Hi, I am Lydia, and I give high achievers Permission to Thrive.

So, my slightly unique story… I grew up in a religious cult. It was an existence moulded by extreme mental and emotional control.

This is a severe example but most (if not all of us) grow up conditioned to succeed, fulfil societal norms and go for gold.

We are taught (unconsciously) to “suck it up” and suppress our emotions. Trauma, conditioning and our childhood create patterns and triggers we aren’t even aware. The conditioning is so common and deep rooted, it’s almost imperceptible.

But what most of us really want is is to feel happy, content and enough. We look for this validation in the wrong places – assuming that the happy mindset comes after the gold medal. But it comes BEFORE and creates both success and satisfaction.

The mind is so powerful that it shapes your very existence. It is your power source. By adjusting your mind and doing the “inner work” you can truly embrace the life that you desire.

Today, I travel and coach clients all over the world. That’s right – I embrace a free-spirited existence unencumbered by past beliefs with roots in Switzerland, Cyprus and the Netherlands.

I enjoy a deeply satisfying and rewarding professional life. I enjoy beautiful personal relationships, love and a nurtured personal life. Emotional and financial freedom are in harmony. And I have about hundred clients do the same!

My experience, certifications, techniques, inner work and business acumen combine a digital experience unlike any other.

There are many layers to achieving peace, love and your potential and they start by giving yourself - Permission to Thrive.

“Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle that brought everything together…” (Leah K.)

Over 6 weeks, you will be professionally guided through your personal transformation and will go on a journey like no other.

Permission to Thrive... We're going deep...



Who are you? What are your values and how do you want to live?

Create crystal clear clarity on WHAT you truly desire from your life (and business) and what you would like to ditch. What pain and trauma is preventing your happiness?

If you aren’t sure, you’re in the dark, and that’s OK but it’s time to get sure and make it happen.



Consciously create the life and business that you desire. Via purpose-built tools and methods, you will learn the secret squirrel info that makes EVERYTHING click. You’ll even learn why previous learnings and methods didn’t work.

I will guide you in accessing these deeper feelings that you actually long for. Clarity and feeling good will replace indecision and numbness.

How many hours do you want to work? What childhood dreams and passions will you fulfil? We will even take a look at your schedule and rearrange it in your favour (even though you didn’t think that was possible!).

You will learn how to create your life, YOUR way.


Strategy and Energy

When you create new habits, the self-sabotaging old ones rear their heads. This is why so many people fail when it comes to implementation.

Those old habits are so easy to fall into. Their reappearance revives your doubts. Failure is easy to accept.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could replace self-sabotage with self-acceptance? That is exactly what you will do! Procrastination, addictive behaviour, overwhelm, overworking, self-talk, fear, emotions, negative patterns… you no longer have to shoulder these burdens!

You will embrace new energy and a proven strategy to change your negative patterns. Suddenly the air feels fresher and it’s easier to breathe. Your new path of enlightened, loving self-acceptance awaits.


Going Deep

Unconscious patterns are usually deep-rooted in your first seven years on this planet (called the imprint period). It dictates much of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours as an adult.

Unfortunately, there are lots of blind spots and we often can’t see the unhelpful patterns as our brain hides them away for greater functionality.

Via strong techniques, I will coach you to uncover the unhelpful, hidden patterns and remove these limiting narratives. You will calmly let them go and be rewired in a healthy, loving, safe experience that leaves you content, happy and at peace. This is the very powerful final step of your personal transformation and a reinvigorated life awaits.

 Permission to Thrive

 is The missing piece of the puzzle that allows you to enjoy your life and career


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You missed out!


90min strategy session with Lydia only in Nov 2022 

We'll craft a powerful roadmap for you:

What needs to shift energetically, mentally and emotionally to have your best year in 2023! And what physical steps you can take to achieve this! 

You will receive:

  • Access to the online platform with 4 advanced content modules delivered over the course of 6 weeks
  • Access to pre-recorded coaching and training sessions that divulge concepts, tools and methods for the teachings in each module (with 10+ hours of content in about 20+ shorter videos and audios for you to consume and implement on)
  • Access to teachings remains open for 3 months so that you can revisit different videos and modules
  • 2 x 30-minute calls with Lydia to expertly and personally guide you through your questions, challenges and triggers
  • A biweekly check-in with Lydia with support and coaching (via Voxer)
  • Questions, triggers, stubborn patterns, persistent blind spots - the 1:1 coaching delivers infinite value for these
  • The program supports with implementing your new knowledge and enjoying a new life filled with meaning and permission
  • You will learn how to understand and integrate a whole new level of looking at yourself in the world
  • You will finally remove the pain, blockages and triggers and embrace the “more” that you long for

Do you have questions or need more information? I like questions and I love answers, so please get in touch now.

Book a 20minute call with me or message me on LinkedIn.

Upgrade to 6 months

  • All features from the 6-week digital retreat
  • 6 months access to the online platform
  • Choice of an additional training track: Relationships or Business
  • 3 x 45min calls with Lydia
  • 6 check-ins with Lydia (via Voxer)
  • Payment plan available, message Lydia on LinkedIn or Instagram to get the link
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You missed out!



Upgrade to 12 months

  • All features from the 6-week digital retreat
  • 6 months access to the online platform
  • Access to both additional training tracks: Relationships and Business
  •  9 x 45min calls with Lydia
  • 18 check-ins with Lydia (via Voxer)
  • Payment plan available, message Lydia on LinkedIn or Instagram to get the link
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You missed out!



“I made my first 5 figures while working from Thailand! Game-changing…” (Teresa H.)

Perfect for...

  • Big hearts
  • Big ambitions
  • Those willing to do the work
  • Deep and resounding inner peace
  • Personal and professional equilibrium
  • A fulfilling life on your terms 
  • Real and meaningful change
  • People who are open to extraordinary things 
  • and extraordinary results...

Not so perfect for...

  • Those after another strategy
  • Those unwilling to do the work
  • Those closed to extraordinary things and extraordinary results 

You have a choice and sometimes it feels easier to bury your head in the sand.

Believe me, I know.

But just imagine where you could be and the life you COULD be living by finally completing your inner work. Most people just wish they’d given themselves Permission to Thrive sooner. Are you ready to start really thriving and living fully?

Click the button below now to book your place…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this offer only for entrepreneurs?

Short answer: no 🙂 If you resonate with the copy, if you are a high achiever who feels like missing out on life, happiness and fulfilment, this if for you! Whether you are an entrepreneur or in employment. 

Can I book more 1:1 support with Lydia?

This offer is created with a very balanced level of 1:1 support on the side. The videos and audios create a steep learning curve for you and give you lots of how to's, explanations and a clear path to move forward. However, if you feel you need more  1:1 support , there is an upgrade package available. Reach out to me via LinkedIn, Instagram or send me a message to to get information, pricing and the booking link.

Should I book this if I have been a client before?

Absolutely! Just the online platform with all the concepts, learnings, teachings in audio and video form is an amazing refresher for you! Remember, it's always about mastering the basics 😉 And if you desire more 1:1 support, there is an upgrade package for 6 months with ongoing higher level support available.

Reach out to me via LinkedIn or send me a message to to get information, pricing and the booking link.

I am not sure if this is the right program for me. How can I make sure that it is?

Book a 20minute call with Lydia and there we'll discuss your current struggles and challenges and if this program is what will help you move through them. In case it is not the right next step for you I might have other program or coaches I can recommend to you.

Can we also discuss business strategy?


In first years of my business I helped people start and then grow their business. I coached them in lots of topics around strategy, marketing and business growth.

Therefore I still help you align your strategy, if this is your desire. The only difference is now, that I approach strategy from a different perspective. In order to make strategy work, you need a strong mindset, emotional maturity and a magnetic vibe (I'll teach you what I mean by this). This we tackle first and then apply strategic changes in your business! We "transform" you first and then all strategy will land differently 🤗

Can we also talk about relationship struggles?

Healing and upgrading your love life is a major catalyst in your life and business. And that's why we will have a look at your relational patterns. Whether you are in a relationship, have just survived a nasty divorce or find yourself chronically single/or hyper independent. 

Intimacy and our closest relationships mirror us our deepest fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns. And therefore they are a beautiful way into uncovering what's at the cause of our struggles.

Many of my clients have major breakthroughs in the romantic relationship department, even if we didn't even put lots of focus on it.

Can I pay in instalments?

Payment plan options are available. 

Reach out to me via LinkedInInstagram or send me a message to to get information on the different options and the booking link.

I am not sure if now is the right moment. Might it be better to start in a month or half a year?

Only you can decide. However, the infamous 'waiting pattern' has kept many from a fulfilled life, generational wealth and breakthroughs in every area of their life.

Will this be you...?

Book a book a 20minute call with me so that we can check out if you have to break a waiting pattern (I'll explain in detail on our call) or if it really is better to wait and take care of other things first.

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