OUTCOME | Don’t do it because of the outcome…

This was a big mistake I did over and over again. I focussed on what it was that I wanted to achieve, found out the necessary steps and did them, BECAUSE I wanted a specific outcome.

It’s like climbing a mountain – here on the foot of Kilimanjaro – and just waiting to reach the peak. While missing the beauty around you, amazing coffee and banana plantations, lush green and fresh colours…

The right thing to do is to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS and do the things/steps because you enjoy them and not because they are a means to an end.

Who likes to just be a means to an end? 😅 No one… And as everything is ENERGY, that what you do is energy as well and doesn’t like to just be used.

By the way, this is something I teach myself every day again and again. Because it slips off my consciousness easily as well. That’s why I have a coach and an amazing mastermind on my side 🙃

When I fall back into “what do I need to do to achieve xyz” I start focussing on the very difficult and exhausting HOW part, which creates more difficulty and exhaustion in my life. My ONLY JOB then is to switch my consciousness back to the process, to the energy I want to embody. The energy connected to “IT IS DONE” and find it everywhere on my way.

With that the NEED to know and to have my dreams fulfilled vanishes. Because I ENJOY the VERY MOMENT.

And fun enough that what you desire basically fulfills itself and enters your life just without exhaustion and difficulty. But with love, joy and fun.

It’s all an ENERGY GAME, my dear. And I am here to teach you ❤ Apply for a call with me and lets talk about what could change for you if you started approaching business & life from a WHOLE NEW AND DIFFERENT ANGLE: https://lydiawilmsen.com/work-with-me/


Much love to you!

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