Mindset March
Mindset March

Mindset March

14 days to practice next level mindset & manifestation magic.

Your reality is your creation. You create through your thoughts, beliefs and assumptions (not your actions).

Mindset and manifestation principles sound incredibly simple - and they are! - yet it's the MOST challenging thing to implement for us humans.

This is about to change!

It’s time to step up your mindset game and create MOMENTUM for the year!

In the Mindset March challenge - official start is 13th March - you will harness the POWER of aligned mindset and manifestation with daily prompts, riffs and teachings from Lydia in a private Telegram community.

I'll teach you the basics of manifestation and mindset work that actually WORK.

I'll challenge you to manifest with more confidence and SPEED than ever before!

You'll experience the mindblowing power, support and accountability of a group of likeminded people.

You'll create discipline and persistence in your INNER GAME and therefore massive results in your outer reality.

UPLEVELS guaranteed around money, business goals, love life, and whatever else you'd like to focus on.

“Lydia taught me an approach that is better than high stress and long hours in a million fantastic ways…” (Keith J.)


Do the work (at least 5min) EVERY single day
(guidelines will be given inside the Telegram group).

Surprise giveaways and prices throughout the challenge for both participation and results!


€33 buy-in for 14 days

WHY I built this...

The past 6 months have been the biggest transformation of my life.

I dove deeper into mindset, manifestation and magic than ever before.

Because I was literally forced to due to circumstances...

That's why I found and experienced new approaches that are not yet mainstream.

And they literally change your life in a matter of days. The uplevels for myself and my clients have been dramatic.

“Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle that brought everything together…” (Leah K.)

I challenged myself to 1 hour of meditation every day in January.

I challenged myself to a new mindset and manifestation *regime* in February.

Now I'm taking MYSELF on a massive upgraded mindset challenge because challenges WORK.

And because I’m obsessed with rising alongside my community, I’m taking YOU with me.

Mindset March

There’s something MAGICAL that happens when you challenge yourself to daily action…

You get into flow.

You release perfection.

You find what works for you.

You tap into a current of expansion.

You COMPOUND positive beliefs.

Your new beliefs start to pop off.

Your reality starts to shift and respond!

Seemingly delusional dreams and thoughts start becoming your REALITY.

Let's do this!

Invite a friend, celebrate with us, and get your genius self in this room before we kick off!

Officially we'll start on the 13th March. However, as you know, the real fun always starts before, so get yourself in there asap... :)

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