Making the impossible possible!

Are you ready to finally break free from ALL LIMITATIONS and catapult yourself and your business to the FULLEST EXPRESSION?
THE place you are DESTINED to live and work from!

Here’s the thing... You know you are MEANT for so much more and you are READY for more. At the moment you work hard, and get results... However, you don't experience growth at the level you wished for, neither financial, nor impact wise.

Our mind plays games with us and gives us excuses and reasons. We think that we do not have XYZ … because of the technical expertise, the marketing knowledge, the time, our children are still small, you still have a freelance role that is taking time etc. etc. (insert the gap …).  

You see others standing in the space that you desire, so you know it is obtainable. Yet, there is a seemingly unsurmountable gap between where you are and where you want to be. I want you to know you can get there too!

And I have news for you. ❤ It is not about technology or knowledge or time. It is about YOU, your energy and your mindset.

The magic happens OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE, on a totally new level. By stepping into the unknown comes a deeper sense of exhilaration and sense of being alive, while opening up the space for new possibilities for inner and outer growth.

But first you need to take the risks and JUMP into the unknown which is full of potential and limitless possibilities.  

In the Mastermind we will work on your energy, your mindset and your business strategy - elevating EVERYTHING to a whole new level! Are you in? Then contact me to find out, if we are a match for the program!


I was born and raised in Germany, and I have been travelling around the world since the age of 12. FREEDOM, EASE and SERVICE are my TOP values. I have travelled to 50 countries and it feeds my soul to experience new cultures. I am lucky to be able to coach my clients from wherever I am in the world.

What does freedom look like to you? What does ease and beautiful service look like to you?  Whatever the answer - I am here to help you do that.

However, it wasn't always like that... I grew up in surroundings of extreme control. I wasn't allowed my own opinions. I wasn't free. I lived a life of strict regime. When I was at the age to make my own choice – I was then able to BREAK FREE. 

Through extensive personal development and mindset training, over the past 15 years, I have found MY VOICE, I have found my FREEDOM and TRANSFORMED my life and business.

All my experience gives me the ability to mentor others with integrity and a personal profoundness. I will help you take your life to the next level by propelling your business and personal life to a place you would have never imagined existed. ❤


My ‘Shift Heaven and Earth Mastermind’ is a safe and empowering 4-month journey of expansion and freedom for women who are ready to finally step into their FULL potential and purpose.

This journey is for a small circle of heart-centered, ambitious and sensitive women who are READY TO EXPERIENCE PERSONAL AND BUSINESS GROWTH beyond their wildest dreams! 

If you are ready to invest time, money and energy into building your purpose-driven and soul based business, as well as creating the life of your dreams – then this is for you! 

I hired Lydia because I knew I couldn't accomplish, what I was striving for, on my own. At least not as this speed.

What I got through the coaching is far beyond everything I could imagine:
I am deeply and strongly connected to my vision. I was finally able to be aware of my vision. It has been there ever since, hidden behind deep fears and limiting beliefs. Lydia helped me to perceive these layers and let them go layer by layer. Step by step I revealed my true self. I grew a deep understanding of my very own uniqueness and how to make use of it in the best way possible for my own benefit and the benefit of my loved ones and clients.

The quality of my coaching work changed strongly. It reached new levels of depth, clarity, connection and authenticity. I experienced very clearly, that my clients evolve as much as I do. I feel a love for my work, that makes it stop feeling like work.

Ease and harmony entered into all areas of life. My life has been evolving since more and more towards my dream reality. I am grateful and happy.

If you want to create your soul business out of your own power, love and depths and lay a strong, happy and gratifying foundation in your life, get in touch with Lydia. She will always give you what you need. The coaching was and is worth every Cent I paid. If I could turn back the clock and decide once more, I would do the same again.

Dear Lydia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jessica J

My Mastermind includes a potent mix of STRATEGY, MINDSET and ENERGY work.

Helping you finally break free from all your limitations – to live in your
ZONE OF GENIUS 24/7 - signing up your true soulmate clients
with ease and massively grow your income.


Say Hello to a financially rewarding business and a soulful life! ❤


This is the real deal. However, time and time again, this is the part that is so undervalued but vitally IMPORTANT. I will help you to use the laws of the universe and harness the incredible powers within you to truly shift heaven and earth.  


I will show you how to shift your mindset to consciously activate the power of energy work. Mindset is the bridge between energy and strategy. When you understand energy work you can access the limitless potential within you and take aligned action.  For that to happen we will look at your belief system - your map of the world and get this working for you.


There are a MILLION and one ways of doing business out there. The key is to finding the one strategy for YOU – your unique way of doing marketing and strategy. There are tweaks and techniques to optimise what you are already doing. Strategy is important when you are experiencing business growth – as you will need to consider important factors such as team and outsourcing – however this needs to be in ALIGNMENT with your energy and what works best for you.


  • A truly fulfilling business on ALL levels! When you work from your ZONE OF GENIUS and are deeply aligned with your soul purpose – financial rewards will follow.
  • A shift in your money mindset once and for all - both from a practical and an energetic perspective.  Your income can ONLY grow considerable when you are energetically aligned.  This mastermind can support you in growing your business to monthly five figures a no-brainer.
  • Expansion of time, doing less while achieving so much more! Focusing on doing the things you love and those that make the true impact in your business.  Working in your zone of genius, rather than wasting time on unimportant tasks. 🙂 
  • Chevron Double Right
    Much more freedom and time for all those beautiful things, vacations and activities you always wanted to do!
  • Chevron Double Right
    Identification and transformation of limiting beliefs, calling time on your mindset BS.  So, you can be, do or have whatever you desire, and speak your truth and take massive aligned and inspired action in all areas of your life!
  • Chevron Double Right
    The joy of ‘Selling with LOVE’ – the secrets of ENERGETICALLY aligning to calling in your next-level clients with ease.
  • Chevron Double Right
    Your authentic and unique way of marketing and are fully aligned with the perfect strategy for you.  Expanding and growing your client base and audience in wonderful numbers, speaking directly to the hearts of your soulmate clients.
  • Chevron Double Right
    Finally charging high-end fees which perfectly expresses the worth you give to your clients!  Eliminating fear of pricing – which stops the self-sabotage beliefs, like, ‘no-one will pay my prices!’.
  • Chevron Double Right
    Living a freakin' amazing life, full of wonders, beauty and excitement.  Especially as a highly sensitive female entrepreneur, it is essential to be empowered to voice your needs, create healthy boundaries and take good care of yourself.  Which will enable you to have the relationship, friendships and daily lifestyle you have been craving for such a long time. ❤
  • Chevron Double Right
    Being a female changemaker, who has a true and far-reaching impact, motivating those around you and being a deep inspiration for others!

Dear Lydia, I am so grateful for your wonderful coaching!

I felt so alone with my special empathetic perception for many years and only now I’ve learned that I am one of many highly sensitive persons. This has been such a lovely and comforting insight!

Lydia, you were straight to the point and showed me up valuable opportunities how to handle my gift without overspending myself.

I experience your counseling to be nourishing in a lasting way. It continues reverberating… Your video “Perceiving the emotions of others” is linked to that. I am learning every day; it’s such a great feeling!
Sympathy, Sensitivity, Empathy combined with natural authority and something energetic with a great deal of humor, it’s such a brilliant mix, my dear Lydia! For me you run the gamut of all of this!



  • check
    You have a heart-centered and soul-based business (or are building one) and you HAVE A BURNING DESIRE to change the world for the better in your unique and truly aligned way - nothing less!
  • check
    You already have the basics in place, you are not starting from scratch.  You know what your business is (or going to be) and are aware of your calling. 
  • You are ambitious and driven by your purpose. You know that you want to have a BIG IMPACT in this world - you didn't come here to play small and hide.
  • check
    Success seems just around the corner and you are SO READY to uncover the final missing link to step into sustained business growth, abundance, freedom, fun and joy.
  • check
    You yearn for consistent income flow in your business, creating a feeling of security and the ability to fulfil all the desires you have for yourself and your loved ones. 
  • check
    You KNOW that NOW is your time.  The waiting game is over! 
  • check
    MASTERING and using your own ENERGY for high-end sales, marketing and up-levelling your personal life is something which speaks to you and excites you deeply.
  • check
    You are looking to meet and connect with wonderful heart-centered soul-preneurs to form beautiful SOULSISTER FRIENDSHIPS.
  • check
    You love the idea of getting support through the combination of 1:1 mentoring, high-level group coaching and a nourishing soul sister group, and you intuitively KNOW what kind of shift it will have on you and your business.

The Shift Heaven & Earth Mastermind is a perfect mix of
soul-aligned energy and mindset work WITH powerful marketing strategy.





(VALUE  = € 6000)

Energy and strategy input by me, followed by intense deep group coaching sessions – with an opportunity for every member to be heard. Every first and third Tuesday at 2pm CEST (from March 2019). You will not only profit from my coaching, but from the support and inspiration of your mastermind soul-sisters. Breakthroughs, celebrations and epic shifts are inevitable. ❤


(VALUE = € 1000)

At the beginning of the program, I will send you an extensive questionnaire, which I ask you to fill in & send back to me before our first session (details will be sent upon signing up).  
We will then start off your Mastermind Experience with a 121 personal 90-minute-long strategy session, where we dive deep into your current business & life situation and where the focus for the coming months will be in your business & life.
In that session we will identify your blocks and start shifting your energy BIG TIME.
We lay the foundations for the forthcoming powerful financial and personal breakthroughs and up levelling for the upcoming six months. 



This is the place to connect with your wonderful Mastermind Soul-sisters, who are walking the same path as you, building amazing lives and creating world-changing businesses.  You will motivate and support each other whilst we reach for the stars! 
My dears, I promise you that the exchange with these powerful women will raise your self-belief, motivation and vibration to quantum levels!
My commitment to you is that I show up as the highest version of myself to ensure all your questions are answered and you receive all the support you need.


(VALUE = € 600)

SO MUCH support is included during our 1to1 coaching and group Mastermind sessions.  However, LIFE happens … from time to time you will experience moments of overwhelm and frustration.  
Here is the deal, you will NEVER have to go through them alone - you can reach out to me at any time, and jump on a 15-minute call, where I will support you in the moment.


(VALUE = € 3000)

I believe in the power of collaboration as together we can create so much more. I am blessed to be part of a wider community of amazing women who are highly skilled in all areas of personal development and business success.  
I am looking forward to introducing you to these incredible women, who will be sharing their experiences and best practices with you.


(VALUE = €3000)

Every month we meet up via Zoom for a 45 minute ‘Deep Coaching Call’, where we address your current obstacles, celebrate your wins and adjust your energy and strategy, so you can walk further along your path in the right direction!


(VALUE = € 3000)

You can share all your questions, experiences, insights, challenges and successes with me via voice and/or text messages throughout your Mastermind Experience.
I will reply at least in 48hours time - usually much earlier - throughout Monday to Thursday. I will help you stay accountable during the whole 6 months, making sure you stay focussed on your soul-aligned big goals! ❤


(VALUE = € 3000)

We will meet in an exclusive, luxurious, beautiful venue in May (one of the first three weekends, date will be announced). I will share further details on the location and time of our beautiful retreat soon!
We will meet in person, for 2 full days and 3 nights, working together ON your business. Sharing successes, having breakthroughs, experiencing intense coaching with me in an intimate and expansive setting far away from your daily life and problems 🙂
#disclaimer Expect magic to happen!


€ 1.700 per month (plus VAT) for 4 months

10% discount applies to payments in full

It is my honour to serve you in this way – to book your call to explore the opportunities and gifts that lie ahead click on the following button … 

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