Manifest with Lydia

Permission to thrive - Manifest your desires 

You are ALWAYS manifesting. Your reality is your creation. You create through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions (not your actions).

There are five steps to manifesting:

1. Set an intention with clarity
2. Align your vibration and energy to that intention
3. Release doubt, worry, resistance and limiting beliefs
4. Take aligned and intuitive action
5. Surrender and receive your manifestation in physical reality

Sounds incredibly simple - and it is! - yet it's the most challenging thing to do for us humans.

This is why my personalised 1:1 coaching is so incredibly helpful.
I've created a 3 month program for you full of video tutorials to guide you through the process, hold you accountable and in elevated thoughts and emotions daily.

This will make your success inevitable!

“Lydia taught me an approach that is better than high stress and long hours in a million fantastic ways…” (Keith J.)

What can you work on with me?

I help my clients the most with:

✨ their private life (ease, fulfilment)

✨ their love life (a new relationship or upgrading their current one)

✨ and business success (earning more with working less). 

If you'd like a sneak peak...

👉🏻Message me on LinkedIn or 👉🏻Message me on Instagram

and get a FREE 5min voicenote with personlized coaching around your issue.

“Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle that brought everything together…” (Leah K.)


  • Access to the online platform with 4 advanced content modules delivered over the course of 12 weeks
  • Access to pre-recorded coaching and training sessions that divulge concepts, tools and methods for the teachings in each module (with 10+ hours of content in about 20+ shorter videos and audios for you to consume and implement on)
  • Access to teachings remains open for 3 months so that you can revisit different videos and modules Lydia with support and coaching (via Voxer) during working hours
  • 2 x 30-minute calls with Lydia to expertly and personally guide you through your questions, challenges and triggers
  • 3 biweekly check-ins with Lydia with support and coaching (via Voxer)
  • Questions, triggers, stubborn patterns, persistent blind spots - the 1:1 coaching delivers infinite value for these


  • Access to the online platform like in the smaller package      
  • 3 x 45-minute calls with Lydia every month for 3 months to expertly and personally guide you through your questions, challenges and triggers Element
  • Daily access to Lydia with support and coaching (via Voxer) during working hours

You CAN make your desires a reality.

Combine a clear intention (your desires) with an elevated emotion (how you'd feel if you already had it). Plus, let go of worry, doubt, fear and limiting beliefs and your desire has to and will materialize!

When you do the work of "overcoming yourself" for 30 days nonstop you will be mesmerized by what you've created. 

These steps are very simple. But they are NOT easy to achieve.

“I made my first 5 figures while working from Thailand! Game-changing…” (Teresa H.)

That's where I as a coach help you. Having me on your side will make the rewiring from old to NEW YOU inevitable. And your physical reality will mirror back to you all that you've become on the inside. Joy, happiness, love, inner peace, abundance, fulfilment.

Let's start!

So, my slightly unique story… I grew up in a religious cult. It was an existence moulded by extreme mental and emotional control.

This is a severe example but most (if not all of us) grow up deeply conditioned by their surroundings.

The mind is so powerful that it shapes your very existence. By adjusting your mind and doing the “inner work” you can truly embrace the life that you desire.

Today, I travel and coach clients all over the world. I enjoy a deeply satisfying and rewarding professional life. I enjoy beautiful personal relationships, love and a nurtured personal life. And I have amazing clients do the same!

You can do what I and my clients have done! Free yourself and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Click the link below to get started:

Perfect for:

  • Big hearts and big ambitions
  • Those willing to do the work
  • Deep inner peace, fulfilment and happiness 
  • People who are open to extraordinary things
  • and extraordinary results...

Not so perfect for:

  • Those after another strategy
  • Those unwilling to do the work
  • Those closed to extraordinary things and extraordinary results

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