Ready to finally live a

Shift your identity from being overseen into full on radiance, open your consciousness from lack and overwhelm to

infinite possibilities and let go of being uninspired and feeling flat to leaving your soul imprint on the world!

Hey my lovely - your journey has been a long one...

You know you are a strong woman! You have gone through so much. I know that you are capable of almost anything. I see you. I feel you! You have dealt with more challenges, adversity and losses in life than most can think of. And this has NOT broken you. It has only made you stronger.

What you have been through has made you into who you are.

It has made you into a woman with a big heart and huge dreams. You always were the biggest dreamer and thinker in your circles, thinking about the unthinkable, dreaming the impossible.

You were never a woman to settle and you always yearned for more. More of everything! Not because you couldn't feel grateful for what you had - but exactly BECAUSE of that! You knew, there was a life beyond the average. You had seen the deepest lows, therefore you KNEW there existed the opposite - a life of ecstasy, deep fulfilment and connection.

You are a massive action taker.

You know what you want and go for it. You are a woman who has known success - even though you are not always able to see this. Plus, you have a huge vision, a mission to impact the world (as you are doing already). This has kept you going, until now.

However, life is not as you envisioned it to be

You feel uninspired, stuck and your energy is low. You are overworked and overwhelmed. You have a nagging feeling that you are wasting your days, not expressing your full self. Your life feels okay but it is far from being an expression of MORE...!

You are missing out on life while overworking yourself.

As you are a hard worker, have always been, and a high achieving woman, always living in the fast lane, you are doing what you do BEST. Working! Hustling! Grinding! You want more therefore you think you have to DO more. And if you are brutally honest with yourself, you know you will end up in burnout. This is not creating the results you desire. And while you busy yourself, so you don't to feel all those buried down feelings, you miss out on what you actually wanted, all along. You totally miss out on next level freedom, ease, space, beauty, money, adventure, fulfilment and connection. You won't get there if you keep doing what you are doing. And deep inside you know that...

Life is amazing, but you just don't feel it.

If we are honest, you do live a quite an amazing life. You have the freedom that having your own business brings you; making okay money (yes, it should be much more but it pays the bills); you can travel; you live a life that 99% of society dreams of. However, you don't FEEL it. Despite having created epicness for yourself, right now life feels kinda dull, grey and uninspired. There are moments of slight depression and hopelessness and the question of, "What is the meaning of all this?". You should be happy beyond measure, and you are NOT. Of course no one really knows that because you are really good at putting a happy face on, that mask to hide the pain inside of you. You have mood swings between feeling great and extremely down, questioning everything, yourself, your business, your relationships.

Where is the excitement, the joy, the true feeling of deep aliveness, of being turned on by life? And how do you get there??

Your business is stuck, you constantly hit your glass ceiling.

You do have a business which brings in money but hey, where is the empire you were meant to build?! You are struggling to scale. You wonder why you started this whole thing. What is it that really lights your soul on fire? Your next level is calling but you are stuck in the bridging phase, in the between, in limbo, between your old expression and a 'not knowing' what comes next. You know there is a deeper hidden truth to all this, an even more powerful expression of your work, but you haven't worked it out. It's escaping you again and again.

You might have a slight notion of the beyond but fear, and the safety of your comfort zone, is keeping you stuck where you are. The fear of the magnitude of your vision is keeping you small and hiding.

And this is reflected in your ability to generate your next level of income. You haven't broken through your glass ceiling in months, perhaps years. Time to change that, isn't it?

Let's embark on a rewarding journey! A journey for successful sensitive and intuitive entrepreneurs like YOU who are yearning for MORE... So that you'll create:

A life of DEEP FULFILMENT and euphoria

Time to be fully turned on by life, celebrating EVERY freaking day! Gosh, I never thought that this was possible, but it IS! You'll feel deeply energetic, ecstatic, turned on, even orgasmic in life, WHATEVER the circumstances. You'll finally be FREE. And you'll be creating this most amazing life from the inside out.

Most people live a life of regrets. This shall not be you. Step into levels of euphoria and joy far beyond what people usually experience. Ecstasy does not need to come in pills, you can actually LIVE from that place. 


Being an entrepreneur and living a lifestyle which is beyond average can feel lonely. What will others think of me? Can I really have a goal of making 7 or 8 figures with my business? Will my partner still love me when I become more successful? Will I lose my current friends when I make more money and have so much free time?

Oh, all those questions will sound familiar to you... And I want to tell you, there is the reality out there for you to be massively successful,  totally aligned with your soul purpose and INCREASE your relationships and connection with your loved ones to a level you didn't think possible. As it ALL starts within yourself.


Fully self-expressed, unapologetic in the way you show up in the world and owning yourself 100%. No more settling, no more keeping your energy low so that you don't shine too bright (Hello Mother Wound!).

Meeting fully self actualized women is pure beauty, it is sacred. You  CAN become one of them, become outstanding! Radiance, presence, being rooted in yourself, having found YOUR perfect mix of feminine and masculine energy. I know, you have felt overheard and overseen and like you have not been taken seriously for such a long time. Now it's time to leave invisibility behind. Activate your magnetism and charisma and feel the energy light up in whatever room you enter. 


Working with those amazing clients and customers, those you have been fearful to approach until now. Working 20 hours or less a week, while enjoying life to the fullest, diving into charity work and being a global inspiration and change maker. Following SOUL with all you do, only doing that work which lights you up.

This is beyond client avatars and working on creating aligned offers. This is about stepping into legacy work and building a global brand, truly opening yourself up to infinite possibilities. Obviously money will follow and we will lay the foundation for true wealth for generations to come.


Working has been your comfort zone. It's time to follow through with your bucket list - NOW! What desires does the limitless expression of you have? What is your next level calling you to do? What had you actually planned for sometime in the next 10 years? That trip around the world? The work-travel lifestyle? Free hours, working whenever you desire? Open for spontaneous trips to cities and lush hidden places in beautiful countries? Taking your kids with you? Chilling on beaches? Writing a book? Starting your own charity? Having your own family?

Instead of postponing your deepest dreams and desires for another decade, we'll get you started now. Through working together, you'll have the inner and outer foundation to not only dream about a LIFE OF MORE but actually live it - day in and out <3

What Others Say


I chose to work with Lydia because I strongly felt she shares my values both in life and business. In addition she has an amazing balance between business strategies and energy work and her guidelines are very straight forward and foolproof. 

I felt so perfectly held and taken care of but also guided with a steady hand at the same time.


I am ever grateful for the chance of working with her!

Triin Reilson 

Owner Vegan Catering Company


For six months Lydia was at my side as my Business and Mindset Coach and this decision allowed me to develop my business with much greater self-confidence because I had a sparring partner for all important decisions and considerations who both asked me the right questions and gave me really valuable advice.

Thank you Lydia for being at my side for half a year, for your kind support, for your lovely kick-ass and for believing in me all the time ❤ !

Teresa Bauer
Change Manager & Coach


1:1 coaching with Lydia was absolutely amazing. We worked together so intensively and she quickly responded to me and my needs. With her support, I always felt safe and she helped me to find the right way out of many struggles, thoughts and situations. I think the best coach is someone who still helps you once your coaching programme comes to an end. Lydia is definitely such a coach. She is my “invisible coach” on my shoulder as I can still remember and hear her teachings from our sessions every day. That’s absolutely gold value. 

I am so thankful and I would choose Lydia again at any time.

Carina Wolf
Holistic Real Estate Agent

Is this journey for you? Are you ready to answer the calling of your soul?

This is NOT for women, who:

  • Are not ready for change, yet. Who'd rather stay in their safe space and comfort zone, even though it's deeply hurtful for them. Working with me requires you to be a committed 10 on a scale of 1-10. Financially, energetically and time wise.
  • Like to spend all their time in dream state and wait for desires to manifest. This is for women who are driven action takers. Working with me requires you to implement, fearlessly and continuously. I will constantly kick you out of your comfort zone. However, I'll also hold the energetic space for you to do that safely. One of my biggest gifts...
  • Think that I am doing the work for them. I am not. You are responsible for the results. I will guide you and I'll facilitate your breakthroughs. However, a victim mindset ends here. Your transformation is initiated with you taking FULL responsibility. With that you become the creator of miracles, the magician in your own life.
  • Shy away from doing the internal work. My speciality is deep coaching and I'll give you nothing less. We'll shake the whole foundation of everything in your life, just to rebuild it even stronger and with more beauty. You need to be open and trust in my guidance. Otherwise it won't work. I know what I do 😇  However, I will NEVER have you do something your system is not ready for yet. 
  • Are not coachable and a 'Know-It-All'. If you know everything already, why is it not working? Be open to learning and willing to change. Do something again, even though you have "tried" it 100 times already.
Lydia Wilmsen

Everything I described above has been me. Every pain I described, I have felt. And every desire I mentioned, I have created for myself. This is why I can support you so powerfully. What I do is BEYOND business coaching. It is life transformation. Having worked with many 1:1 clients on those issues, I have condensed the work I do into a process which is repeatable and guarantees results - if you are ready to do the deep work. I am here to help you finally live a life of MORE and bring into existence everything that you have been yearning for the past decade(s) of your life! Read more about my story here.

My zone of genius? Bringing forth the diamond, which has been hidden deep inside of you forever, to shine.


I know your REASONS for not becoming who you were meant to be. It took two decades myself. 

  • What has been holding you back until now was your comfort zone and the safety of where you currently are. This is known territory and what is required of you is to step into the unknown and embrace uncertainty.
  • You don't know the how. You have been searching and searching without the results you've been longing for. Since I have walked the path and have guided many women on their journeys, I WILL help you to finally embody that woman that you have been dreaming of being all along. The How will become irrelevant because you'll get there without knowing 😅
  • You are not giving yourself permission to break free and live a life of more. It all starts within you and we'll figure out what needs to happen so that you permit yourself that freakin' amazing life once and for all!
  • Without knowing, you shy away from the work. Because, what will show up? I remember myself bottling up my emotions so massively, out of fear of what would happen when I finally let them out. So much anger, would I start murdering people?? So much sadness (without "reason"), would I ever be able to stop crying again? I get you, addressing the elephant in the room - even though you might already have done lots of work on yourself - it's freaky. I've got your back and we will work through whatever shows up. You are safe, my dear. (By the way, I am trained in many different trauma therapy modalities).
  • You don't believe that this can actually change for you. I know that fear/belief, too. I thought I was a lost case. My clients think that of themselves as well. Let me tell you, you are not!!! When I work with you, and I don't work with many, I feel your potential and I know that you'll be able to break through. And you will!
  • A big one is the fear of the reactions of others. What will your friends say, your family, your partner?? Will they think that you are going crazy with all your huge dreams and desires? I will work with you on creating a change that won't separate you from your loved ones, instead, it will bring you closer together. And if you figure out it's time to part ways with some people in your life, it probably has been long overdue. Do you really think it is fair to you and them to stay small and be dishonest just for the sake of pretending to love and have friendship? It is time for owning your truth and setting yourself, and others, free. 
  • The "circumstances"... You don't have money, you don't have time, you have to take care of your family. And so on. Those are all stories you are telling yourself. And there ALWAYS is a way. Let's find it!
  • Last, but not least, the famous waiting pattern... Hmmm, I don't know if I should do this now. Perhaps I should wait until xyz. Been there, done that... Where else in your life are you waiting for circumstances to change so that you can finally take action? Get back into the driver's seat of your life again and decide! BEFORE you have proof of concept! This is called living at cause and not living at effect anymore! 

Let's make this work, my dear! These are the three pillars of your transformation:


Level: Body

State: Healing

Direction: Past

Action: Being

Result: Magnetic Personality


Level: Mind

State: Activation

Direction: Present

Action: Thinking

Result: Abundance Mindset


Level: Soul

State: Creation

Direction: Future

Action: Doing

Result: Legacy Work

In working with many different clients and with some deep reflection on the work I have been doing over the past 4 years, these three pillars have become visible to me and will be the basis of our work together.

We will work on your identity, thought mastery and purpose. Your identity - your body image, your personality and the healing of your past is the FOUNDATION required to shift your whole life. Thought mastery - activating a mindset of utter abundance and infinite possibility, and changing the way you think, is the path to creating new RESULTS (your thoughts create your reality). Connecting to purpose - with vision, creation mode and stepping into your legacy, this will open up the NEXT LEVEL in business for you.

You won't be the same afterwards - IN A GOOD WAY 😊

Some of the new behaviours you'll step into and create are: 

  • Accepting paradox
  • Asking for the impossible
  • Thinking the unimaginable
  • Inviting chaos
  • Creating order
  • Following desire
  • Embracing uncertainty
  • Activating your senses
  • Leaning into the unknown

Program Details

What is included in this powerful

4 month Mentoring and Coaching Program:

Extensive Questionnaire

Before we start into our 1:1 coaching, I will send you an extensive questionnaire, which I ask you to fill in & send back to me before our first session.
Filling in this questionnaire will initiate the process of your transformation.

120-Minute Timeline Therapy Session

This is a very powerful healing and transformation modality, to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs on an ancestral level. From my own experience I can tell you it's just life changing!

Value: 1.200 €

4 Months of VIP 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring with Lydia

We have weekly 45min calls together with the fourth week left free each month for implementation and integration. We will transform your life and business from the inside out,

working through the 3 aforementioned pillars: 




Value: 6.000 €

Messenger (Text & Audio) 1:1 Support

You can share all your questions, experiences, insights, challenges and successes with me via voice and/or text messages throughout our 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring.
This has helped my previous clients tremendously, as they are held, nourished and positively infused by my calm, loving and powerful energy!
I will reply within 48 hours and usually within this time. Access to me is from Monday to Friday between 11am-5pm. I will help you stay accountable and focussed on your soul-aligned income and impact goals! ♡

Value Mentoring Value: 12.000 € 

2-Day VIP Live Event

It can be challenging to change yourself when you are surrounded by the same circumstances, routines, people and situations. This is why I have created my Mentoring Program with 2 transformational days out of your daily routine and everyday life.

By taking you out of the ordinary, I am giving you the chance, and you will give yourself the permission, to step into experiencing a life of MORE.

We will meet in a wonderful location for 2 days and I will create an epic experience, based wholly on your needs, for a transformational 1:1 in London, Zurich, Berlin, or any other location (it might even be in the countryside)  I will choose, with prior agreement from you, a beautiful blend catering to your needs and energy, it will be an amazing uplifting and energizing 2 days for you and your business.

(Accommodation, food and activities are included for the duration. Please pay for and arrange your own travel.)

Value: 8.000 €

BONUS: Acecess to me in the 5th month

In order to help you integrate further and pick my brain after our 4month deep coaching period, you'll get a 60min call with me in the 5th month, as well as the possibiltiy to reach me via messenger once per week to answer all your questions. 

Value: 2.000 €

BONUS: A personally crafted mix of sessions with other coaches and experts

I am an expert on creating the most epic life!! However, I am not an expert on all the amazing modalities out there... However, this is a luxurious program and I want to give you the BEST and MORE than you could ever think of. That's why I am inviting other beautiful and massively gifted people on board - I have worked and trained with all of them and can vouch for every single one of them - to coach and mentor you on the following areas (we will choose what is aligned for you):

  • Archetype Work
  • Body and Movement Coaching
  • Clothing & Style Coaching
  • Sexuality and Sensuality Work
  • Breath Work
  • Money Management and Wealth Building
  • Timeline Repair and Trauma Work
  • Branding
  • Human Design
  • Numerology/Astrology
  • Business Strategy and Analysis

This will be epic! By bringing these amazing humans on board you will have a true and utter transformation on all levels. There is no way that your life won't become epic, magnetic, orgasmic, wealthy and BEYOND, my dear. 

Just these sessions alone are worth 12.000 € and they are included in the price for you! 

Your Investment

€ 20.000 (+VAT) for 4 months coaching and mentoring paid in full.


Individually crafted payment plans are available, starting from 3k € (+VAT) a month.