Business Pleasure Sex Part 4: How to let go of conforming in business (and sex)

🌱 Today's episode is the fourth part of the Business Pleasure and Sex series. In the first part I spoke about feminine and masculine energies. In the next part I dove into the question of how to stay feminine and have business success. In the third episode I talked about how to use masculine energies without sacrificing the feminine.

🤩And today I address the issue of conforming, which is a big issue for sensitive and introverted souls, as they early on learned that the way they felt, thought and viewed the world wasn’t appreciated. This being one of the reasons, why so many of us started to dim their sensitivity, their rich inner worlds, their emotional capacities and resorted to conforming to what we thought was expected from us.

After going a bit deeper into why people choose conformity over being their true selves we‘ll talk solutions. How can you let go of decades of conforming and step into your true desires and ask for what you really want? 😉

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Enjoy the episode and much love!

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