Interview with Andrew Lopez: “No feeling is final” – The Journey of an Entrepreneur

In this episode, I interview Andrew Lopez from California, who has a video production company and the mission to connect small business owners around the world through the vessel of video.

What a powerful episode! We touched on loneliness versus connection on the entrepreneurial journey. On how to deal with feelings being sensitive and empath. This is where the transformative words "No feeling is final" and "Your feelings have to be in the passenger's seat, but YOU have to stay in the driver's seat" came up. ✨

Make sure to listen to this episode on getting the ideas, energy, spark, and wisdom of the young generation on board. Andrew is a millennial and brings amazing enthusiasm, skill, and impact into our world. I would say, lots to learn from! 🖤

As Andrew is all about connection 😉 connect with him on LinkedIn:

For further business inquiries around video and visibility support reach out to him via email:

Enjoy the episode and much love!


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