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How to deal with impostor syndrome

The secret fear and feeling of unworthiness which is holding you back from charging appropriate prices and going to the next level in your business and life. Most of my clients have struggled with it on a daily basis before they learned how to transform it!


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This exclusive 30min video training for sensitive entrepreneurs is right for you, if: 

  • you have the feeling that all your achievements were pure luck and didn't have to do with your abilities and skills at all (plus your luck for sure is going to run out soon)!
  • you fear that your clients are figuring out that you actually don't have a clue what you are doing!
  • you feel unable to charge more, as you don't even feel worthy of the tiny prices you are charging right now and you fear you can't deliver on the promises of your offers?!
  • you want to learn what impostor syndrome is, reasons why it shows up in your reality and how to reframe it?
  • you are ready to transform the underlying energy and start using it FOR instead of against you!
conscious creation online course

"Lydia's training was invaluable. As a sensitive person she understood exactly the challenges I have faced in trying to grow my business and take it to a higher level. I got so many aha moments and clear, specific actions than I could apply straight away. It was such a refreshing change  to other training I have bought, as it was created for my personality type and wasn't trying to make me change who I am in order to get results. Thank you Lydia"

 Louise G

"Working with Lydia cleared my vision and helped me analyze myself and my business so much better. I know now what I’m worth, how my business is special and why I shouldn’t compare myself and my prices with others. I have a clear vision of my possibilities and the future of my business now."

 Triin Reilson

"At all times I felt that she was bringing all her heart and mind into my business and this support was just PRICELESS. We dived deeply into creating a strong mindset - which I didn't pay too much attention to before and that was an absolute shift for my business and my personal life.

After only 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching with Lydia I was able to sell my first coaching package without even having a sales page for it. I never even dreamed of selling with this ease before. In my fourth month of business I made my first 5 figure month while working from Thailand, which was a huge game changer for me.."

 Teresa Bauer

After having watched this powerful training you'll know the next steps to break free from impostor syndrome and self-doubt. Plus fall in love with embodying your next level, free of shame and guilt.

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Do you need an introduction to Lydia?

Lydia Sophia Wilmsen helps entrepreneurs to consciously reprogram themselves for success and abundance on all levels in life and business.

She knows the programming of the mind as she learned to free herself from mind control.

After years of intense personal growth and mindset training she built a stable 6figure business full of ease and freedom, first as an art manager and then as an Intuitive Success Coach.

She helps countless intuitive and sensitive clients around the world to stop playing small and transforming their life and business from the inside out.

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