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A 60 Minute MASTERCLASS with 7 steps to easily shift into higher consistent monthly income

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7 steps to easily shift into HIGHER consistent monthly income - 60min Masterclass

In this VIDEO-TRAINING you will learn about BEHIND THE SCENES OF CREATING MY FIRST 20K MONTH and ongoing 5 figure months - and exact steps how you can do it too! An energetic and fun 1 hour training with 7 steps you can easily and directly implement into your own business and life.

Because: right now, you are most probably NOT charging your worth. And how do you go from where you are now to where you want to be with your income?

I remember the first month I earned €20,000, how EXHILARATING that felt, how VALIDATED I felt, how CONFIDENT it made me be in my business.

However, it’s one thing earning €20k, but how do you sustain earning €20k as a sensitive and intuitive entrepreneur?

During this video training, I will lift the lid on exactly how I created my first €20k month and ongoing 5figure months (spoiler - it didn’t happen by happy accident!):

- What energetic tools and methods did I use?
- What aligned actions needed to follow?
- Exact steps on how you can achieve the same - with ease and fun!

This is the perfect accompaniment to the "Seven Ways to Increase your Sales with Ease" or "Soulmate Client Meditation" Freebie you’ve just downloaded. 



Lydia’s masterclass should be watched every morning as part of your routine! It’s not just because there are so many takeaways from her content, it’s her ENERGY. Watch this every day for a dramatic shift in your energy!

In this masterclass, Lydia makes me feel like anything is possible for me, and gives me a roadmap of HOW to do it.

She keeps it simple. She keeps it creative. And she gives you power!
Lydia is the Queen of calm, gracious and powerful energy. A goddess Business coach!

Love you Lydia!

Roz Ware, Confidence and Love Coach

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