FREEDOM | Your own business can bring you freedom on a level never ever imagined.

This is why many entrepreneurs start out. Because they want to live a lifestyle of FREEDOM, CHOICE and INDEPENDENCE. Free of the 9to5, free of challenging bosses, free of rules they don’t like, free of limiting location choices.

And then whatever they thought they had left behind starts showing up in their own business as well. Stress, overwhelm, lots of work, communication issues, problems. Being caught in the RAT RACE.

You can try to sail away from your problems – doesn’t this little boat look amazing? 😁 That was a beautiful sunset on Zanzibar…

But that will never work. You carry yourself in your backpack with you where ever you go. Real freedom starts DEEP WITHIN yourself.

All that you are searching for on the outside, all that starts in the INSIDE. And if you do not take this into account, your own business will become a much more horrible prison than a proper 9to5 job could ever be. Not only do you have all the problems you tried to escape, no, on top you have financial struggle, higher costs for everything, the need to do marketing and sales and so on.

So, your own business is not a bowl of cherries, miraculously curing you of all your worldly problems 😉 However, it can become the SOURCE and EXPRESSION of your INNER FREEDOM.

This is what I wish for you and what I know is possible for you. IF you take the right steps. This is where I help you, my dear. Apply for a clarity call with me here and find out your next steps toward freedom instead of the rat race:

Your success is my success 💛 Much love!


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