Why focussing on the HOW keeps you stuck and what to do instead

🌱 In today's podcast episode I talk about focusing on the how - on action steps, why it keeps you stuck and what to do instead.

🌱 We have become almost addicted to knowing the how, to knowing the exact steps to reach a specific outcome.

And for some scenarios it is good to ask that question🤔. I.e. when you need an easy instruction manual. But for the big questions in business and life it often leads you into a very wrong direction.

😁I was inspired to do this episode, because I had a comment recently from a person who was following all the advice and still didn't create the predicted results. So, if you have found yourself following all the right steps and not creating results, listen in on this episode.

💃 I'll explain the four big problems with this "how-based" approach and offer you a shift in perspective that actually works better.

Enjoy and much love!

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