Business Pleasure Sex Part 1: Feminine and masculine principles in business

🌱The topic of feminine and masculine energies in business and in general gets more and more attention at the moment. Rightly so!

🌱It is not about attaining a perfect balance of both energies. We all present with greater dominance of one or the other and we can learn to use them to create harmony or disharmony, in our life and in business. Most people are not working from their sweet spot, they sabotage their business results through leaning too heavily into one direction and missing out on a whole different level of life, abundance, and success.

💪🏻In this first part of the series, I give an overview over feminine and masculine energies, Yin and Yang, and let you make an inventory of your own unique expression of those energies right now, plus where your personal growth zone lies.

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Enjoy the episode and much love!

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