The fear of being irresponsible and how to deal with your inner saboteur

🌱 In today’s episode, I speak about the fear of being irresponsible with the decisions you take. Quite a few people shared with me that they were afraid to take the next step and invest in themselves. They all had the feeling of being irresponsible if they took that financial or time investment. That they would take something away from their family, from their kids, from their parents. Taking care of others, especially your own kids, there is just no arguing about it, isn’t it? This is a reason no one can ever beat. And it keeps you safe where you are. The fear of being irresponsible is one of the biggest self-sabotage mechanisms out there.

🌱 Today I want to address this saboteur energy, which comes from a place of survival. Therefore you keep sabotaging yourself with your thoughts, your actions, your feelings. Let's see how the fear of being irresponsible is your inner saboteur going crazy and what to do about it 😉 I will give you some journaling questions to go deeper on that.

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