I help successful entrepreneurs like you to accelerate their results without burning out and sacrificing their happiness, through gaining mental & emotional mastery

The 1:1 Intensive Starter Package is a week-long experience, where we focus on one important aspect in your business and life.

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Your journey has been a long one...

I see you... I feel you... You are strong! You have gone through so much. You are capable of almost anything, an massive action taker at heart.

You have dealt with more challenges, adversity and losses in life than most can think of. And this has NOT broken you. It has only made you stronger.

You always knew, there was a life beyond the average. You had seen the deepest lows, therefore you KNEW there existed the opposite - a life of ecstasy, deep fulfilment and connection.

However, life is not as you envisioned it to be

 You have created success and freedom through your own business,  you live a life that most people dream of. However, you don't FEEL it fully. You don’t just want a 6 figure business... You want MORE!

 You think you have to DO more. And while you busy and overwork yourself, you are missing out on life!

You should be happy beyond measure, and you are NOT. There are moments when you feel disconnected from soul, from life, from yourself. 

Your business is stuck at the current level, you constantly hit your glass ceiling. You are struggling to scale to the next level and build REAL wealth.

Let's embark on a rewarding journey!
A journey for busy, high achieving entrepreneurs like YOU who are yearning for MORE...


Thank you Lydia for being at my side for half a year, for your kind support, for your lovely kick-ass and for believing in me all the time !

Teresa Bauer , Change Manager & Coach

By working very closely with Lydia I was able to move forward much faster than I could ever have done it alone.
At all times I felt that she was bringing all her heart and mind into my business and this support was just PRICELESS. We dived deeply into creating a strong mindset - which I didn't pay too much attention to before and that was an absolute shift for my business and my personal life. In my fourth month of business I made my first 5 figure month while working from Thailand, which was a huge game changer for me.

A life of deep fulfilment...

Time to be fully turned on by life

Celebrating EVERY freaking day! Gosh, I never thought that this was possible, but it IS! You'll feel deeply energetic, ecstatic, turned on and fulfilled in life, WHATEVER the circumstances. You'll finally be FREE. And you'll be creating this most amazing life from the inside out.

Deep connections on all levels...

Living a lifestyle beyond average

This can feel lonely. And your conditioned mind brings up all those questions: What will others think of me? Can I be so daring to have a goal of making 7 or 8 figures? Will my partner still love me despite my success? Will I lose my current friends?

There is the reality out there....

To be massively successful,  totally aligned with your soul purpose and INCREASE your relationships and connection with your loved ones to a level you didn't think possible. As it ALL starts within yourself.

Being unapologetical you...

Fully self-expressed, unapologetic in the way you show up in the world

Owning yourself 100%. No more settling, no more keeping your energy low so that you don't shine too bright.

Stepping into purpose and next level business...

Following SOUL with all you do

Working with those amazing clients and customers, those you have been fearful to approach until now. Working 20 hours or less a week, only doing that work which lights you up, while enjoying life to the fullest. Being a global inspiration and change maker.

Laying the foundation for true wealth for generations to come

This is beyond client avatars and working on creating aligned offers. This is about stepping into legacy work and building a global brand, truly opening yourself up to infinite possibilities. And obviously money will follow your new expanded capacity of making and holding/having money.

Finally enjoying time, freedom and adventure...

Working has been your comfort zone

It's time to follow through with your bucket list - NOW! What desires does the limitless expression of you have? What is your next level calling you to do? That trip around the world? Free hours, working whenever you desire? Open for spontaneous trips to cities and lush hidden places in beautiful countries? Taking your kids with you? Writing a book? Starting your own charity? Having your own family?

No more postponing on your dreams

Instead of postponing your deepest dreams and desires for another decade, we'll get you started now. Through working together, you'll have the inner and outer foundation to not only dream about a LIFE OF MORE but actually live it - day in and out.

What is included
in your 1:1 Self-Mastery Coaching & Mentoring?

»Extensive Questionnaire

Before we start into our 1:1 coaching, I will send you an extensive questionnaire, which I ask you to fill in & send back to me before our first session.
Filling in this questionnaire will initiate the process of your transformation.

» 90-Minute and 30-MinuteSession

We will transform your life and business from the inside out, working on a project of yours in one of these 3 pillars: 




We have a long call at the beginning of our week together and one check up session 2 weeks after our Intensive together.

»Messenger (Text & Audio) 1:1 Support for 1 week

You can share all your questions, experiences, insights, challenges and successes with me via voice and/or text messages throughout our 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring.
This has helped my previous clients tremendously, as they are held, nourished and positively infused by my calm, loving and powerful energy!
I will reply within 48 hours and usually within this time. Access to me is from Monday to Friday between 11am-5pm. I will help you stay accountable and focussed on your soul-aligned income and impact goals!

What is included
in your 1:1 Accelerate & Thrive Intensive?

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» Extensive Questionnaire

» 90-Minute and 30-MinuteSession

»Messenger (Text & Audio) 1:1 Support for 1 week

Your Investment in the

1:1 Intensive Starter Package is:

€ 2.000 (+VAT)

Ready to step into massive transformation? 

Message me at

Powerful reasons to work with

Lydia Sophia Wilmsen

As a Mindset and Self-Mastery Coach for high achieving entrepreneurs,

she supports them to:
- LIBERATE themselves from the limiting stories of their mind

- Put their advanced work out into the world,

while ACCELERATING their results in business.
- Find fulfilment, ease and inner peace,

living a life from freakin' EXPANSION.

Having worked with many 1:1 clients on mental, emotional and business issues, I have condensed the work I do into a process which is repeatable and

guarantees results - if you are ready to do the deep work. 


And I will hold a safe space for you to share your biggest fears with me.
Nothing will shock me and I will accept you at your core. Your darkest moments hold your greatest power!

You will benefit from my background in business, art and travel,

and the diversity of my experiences.

Learn more about Lydia, her story and her amazing qualifications here.

Using my intuitive guidance we will dive deeply into key areas where I feel that you need the most support. 


Working with Lydia has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.


Over the years, I’ve tried different modalities and Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle to integrate everything.

Lydia has a very calm presence and I felt understood and validated in ways I had never experienced before. She always had a knack for saying exactly what I needed to hear and was always patient when I needed reminders and empathetic towards my experiences while simultaneously teaching me ways to break through old conditioning. I would highly recommend working with Lydia and I plan on doing so again in the future.