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Start BEFORE you are ready

Start BEFORE you are ready. Do what SCARES you. Confidence is built by DOING, not by waiting for it. This is the moment when you start serving from your highest level and actually BECOME your next-level-version. It is the moment when you start inviting in all that you have ever dreamt of, a life full […]

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TREAT YOURSELF | Design your business so that it suits YOU and not vice versa. I had a call with my lovely client Teresa from and we spoke about designing your lifestyle as an entrepreneur. My advice for her and for everyone out there is to do WHATEVER YOU LIKE and build your business to support […]

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PERMISSION | Give yourself permission to be OUTSTANDING. Give yourself permission to SHINE. A client of mine, the wonderful @lina.rempe brought this topic to my attention. So many fear to be outstanding and being “better” than others in their respective fields of expertise. Because if you shine, you consequently outshine others, right? Wrooong my dear! […]

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