How to build a 6 figure business – My path as a sensitive entrepreneur

🌱 In today's podcast episode I talk about the 7 steps to becoming a 6 figure entrepreneur. I have travelled the path and there are important factors of how to approach it as a sensitive entrepreneur. I share with you what worked for me and what works for my intuitive, sensitive, often introverted clients.

🌱 While you can pick any number, making 6figures and beyond is like a next step for many entrepreneurs after having achieved a decent consistent monthly income with their business.

🌱 I remember my own path. I had just given up my flat in Germany and travelled to Tanzania in Africa. It was a personal time of great turmoil, dealing with my past, with my upbringing, depression, a crisis and turning point. From that kind of dark space, I managed to 10x 🤩 my business results in a matter of months.

🌿 So, what changed? I'll show you the 7 steps I went through to achieve my goal. And what my clients go through in order to make their first and then consistent monthly 5figures.

Enjoy and much love!

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