Breaking your routines opens you up to wonders, new experiences & basically to the unknown.

DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY & DOING DIFFERENT THINGS invites exactly THAT kind of unlimited energy into your life.

Keeping your body flexible keeps your mind flexible & vice versa. So whenever you fall into a state of stagnation, get things mixed up! Get moving, change places, go travelling & break your routines.

This does not need to involve major changes. Just invite a little change in your daily life to spice things up. Routines are amazing. To a certain point. Once you start DOING ROUTINES BECAUSE OF THE ROUTINE, it’s time for change, my dear.

RED FLAGS: If you excuse not growing with having to stick to a routine. If you excuse not being happy, because that is how life goes. If you excuse not striving for more, because your daily life doesn’t allow it.

And believe me, I have been stuck in unhelpful routines, internally as well as externally, quite often in my life and business. I am forever thankful for my friends, my coach & my soulsisters for holding me accountable & telling me when breaking habits is needed.

For example did I work myself close to burnout before I really got the message of my soulsister @rozware to get a personal assistant on board. It was not so much the further assistance on my side, but the so much needed break of my old and so well-known waiting energy. Lets wait until your business has grown further and xyz before you get someone else on board.

MINDFUCK par excellence!! Your business will never grow in a healthy way if you postpone getting support.

Ready to spice things up? Ready to grow your business & to let go of the limiting belief that you have to stick to routines? Ready to let go of tender old habits which don’t serve you any more but prevent you from prosperity, happiness & love? Then DM me here.
Much much love! <3

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