YOUR WAY | Go YOUR way and stop caring about the opinions of others. Do your thing! Walk graciously and full on your OWN way! 🌟🔥☀️ Many of us sensitive souls feel the emotions of others even more than their own. Therefore we constantly try to make it *right* for the other. Neglecting ourselves, not […]

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PERMISSION | Give yourself permission to be OUTSTANDING. Give yourself permission to SHINE. A client of mine, the wonderful @lina.rempe brought this topic to my attention. So many fear to be outstanding and being “better” than others in their respective fields of expertise. Because if you shine, you consequently outshine others, right? Wrooong my dear! […]

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FREEDOM | Your own business can bring you freedom on a level never ever imagined. This is why many entrepreneurs start out. Because they want to live a lifestyle of FREEDOM, CHOICE and INDEPENDENCE. Free of the 9to5, free of challenging bosses, free of rules they don’t like, free of limiting location choices. And then […]

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