SELF-LOVE | Love yourself for all that you ARE and for all that you ARE NOT. Be kind to yourself. Always!

That might also mean to go all in in your business as never before. No more settling, no more tolerating the BS of others as well as your own. Committing yourself fully. Ready to do that, my dear?

I will talk about all the ENERGY and STRATEGY work I did to finally make it happen! And it’s not magic ✨πŸ”₯πŸ˜† so join us and learn, how you can do it too!

Get all your questions answered and live coaching from me! πŸ’—

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TREAT YOURSELF | Design your business so that it suits YOU and not vice versa.

I had a call with my lovely client Teresa fromΒ @getremote.deΒ and we spoke about designing your lifestyle as an entrepreneur. My advice for her and for everyone out there is to do WHATEVER YOU LIKE and build your business to support exactly that.

We have enough people already who don’t follow their heart, who burn out or bore out, who are more dead than alive. We don’t need you to follow that same destructive path!!

Instead, find out what lights up your soul!

Going on a 2 months vacation and working from Thailand/Bali/Columbia? Going for a swim on Tuesday afternoon? 😍 Indulging yourself in lots of yummy vegan food, fun and chilling on a rainy weekend with your bestie? Doing what your soul craves for even though your brain might go mental with “you have to do xyz”? πŸ˜€

Yes, you created your business to support you. So stop falling into the trap of twisting it around.

Hustling might be fun – once in a while or as often as you like. However, if you don’t like hustling, stop the f*** it! And start enjoying your life, pampering yourself and running your biz like that.

Never ever give up on yourself and your DESIRES. They are the KEY to your SUCCESS, my dear!

Set up a chat with me to find out more here.

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OUTCOME | Don’t do it because of the outcome…

This was a big mistake I did over and over again. I focussed on what it was that I wanted to achieve, found out the necessary steps and did them, BECAUSE I wanted a specific outcome.

It’s like climbing a mountain – here on the foot of Kilimanjaro – and just waiting to reach the peak. While missing the beauty around you, amazing coffee and banana plantations, lush green and fresh colours…

The right thing to do is to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS and do the things/steps because you enjoy them and not because they are a means to an end.

Who likes to just be a means to an end? πŸ˜… No one… And as everything is ENERGY, that what you do is energy as well and doesn’t like to just be used.

By the way, this is something I teach myself every day again and again. Because it slips off my consciousness easily as well. That’s why I have a coach and an amazing mastermind on my side πŸ™ƒ

When I fall back into “what do I need to do to achieve xyz” I start focussing on the very difficult and exhausting HOW part, which creates more difficulty and exhaustion in my life. My ONLY JOB then is to switch my consciousness back to the process, to the energy I want to embody. The energy connected to “IT IS DONE” and find it everywhere on my way.

With that the NEED to know and to have my dreams fulfilled vanishes. Because I ENJOY the VERY MOMENT.

And fun enough that what you desire basically fulfills itself and enters your life just without exhaustion and difficulty. But with love, joy and fun.

It’s all an ENERGY GAME, my dear. And I am here to teach you ❀ Apply for a call with me and lets talk about what could change for you if you started approaching business & life from a WHOLE NEW AND DIFFERENT ANGLE:


Much love to you!

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YOUR WAY | Go YOUR way and stop caring about the opinions of others. Do your thing! Walk graciously and full on your OWN way! 🌟πŸ”₯β˜€οΈ

Many of us sensitive souls feel the emotions of others even more than their own. Therefore we constantly try to make it *right* for the other. Neglecting ourselves, not taking into account our own needs, keeping ourselves small.

You help others the BEST when your own energy tank is FULL! So this is your priority in order to help others πŸ’—

You know what? The more I take care of myself, enact my boundaries, stand up for myself, make more money in my business – the more I help my clients, the better my service gets, the bigger the impact I have in the world.

So, what can you do TODAY to not care about the opinions of others and take good care of yourself?

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PERMISSION | Give yourself permission to be OUTSTANDING. Give yourself permission to SHINE.

A client of mine, the wonderful @lina.rempe brought this topic to my attention. So many fear to be outstanding and being “better” than others in their respective fields of expertise. Because if you shine, you consequently outshine others, right?

Wrooong my dear! Oh my gosh, I know this fear myself! Like: Stop being proud of yourself. Stop telling your successes, because you might offend them. Stop being happy when someone else is sad. Stop wanting more because others have less. You probably know your own sentences, haunting you for years and keeping you from fully stepping into your own light.

I tell you that is the biggest BS you can tell you. No one benefits from you holding back. NO ONE. If you don’t shine, someone will always loose. YOU! Only when you start standing in your light, EVERYONE CAN WIN.

YOU, because you bring your true gifts to the world. OTHERS, because you inspire them to step into their own power. When you shine you give others the permission to shine as well. If they feel challenged by your power you still help them so much more when you don’t hold back. You give them the chance to look at their blind spots & develop their personality.

Allowing yourself to step into your greatest potential never means to take away from others. Let others step up to you instead stepping down to them. Following others into their misery doesn’t help you, nor does it help them! Never forget that.

Sometimes it’s good to have the right crowd around you to support you with being more visible & shining your light. Women who support you in being powerful instead of being weak.

That’s what my Shift Heaven and Earth Mastermind can help you with. Powerful, beautiful, amazing, outstanding women who love exactly those qualities in you. Who empower you to bring out the best in you & not hold back. Click here to learn more.

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FREEDOM | Your own business can bring you freedom on a level never ever imagined.

This is why many entrepreneurs start out. Because they want to live a lifestyle of FREEDOM, CHOICE and INDEPENDENCE. Free of the 9to5, free of challenging bosses, free of rules they don’t like, free of limiting location choices.

And then whatever they thought they had left behind starts showing up in their own business as well. Stress, overwhelm, lots of work, communication issues, problems. Being caught in the RAT RACE.

You can try to sail away from your problems – doesn’t this little boat look amazing? 😁 That was a beautiful sunset on Zanzibar…

But that will never work. You carry yourself in your backpack with you where ever you go. Real freedom starts DEEP WITHIN yourself.

All that you are searching for on the outside, all that starts in the INSIDE. And if you do not take this into account, your own business will become a much more horrible prison than a proper 9to5 job could ever be. Not only do you have all the problems you tried to escape, no, on top you have financial struggle, higher costs for everything, the need to do marketing and sales and so on.

So, your own business is not a bowl of cherries, miraculously curing you of all your worldly problems πŸ˜‰ However, it can become the SOURCE and EXPRESSION of your INNER FREEDOM.

This is what I wish for you and what I know is possible for you. IF you take the right steps. This is where I help you, my dear. Apply for a clarity call with me here and find out your next steps toward freedom instead of the rat race:

Your success is my success πŸ’› Much love!


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