Tools and Mindset Hacks for growing your Business bigtime

Tools & Mindset Hacks for your Business

My lovely ones, I am often being asked for tools, resources and also for tips to grow your business, as well as how to go through everyday business. Here I have put together a list of all the tools and mindset shifts that I use myself. The list is always expanding and everything that is here I can 100% recommend!  

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links. When you buy a product or tool through these links, I get a small commission. I'd be really happy for your support. Of course, there is absolutely no additional cost to you.

My 5 best Mindset hacks for you and your business:


Everything happens at the right time and everything takes just the right time. WHATEVER happens in your life, it is a GIFT. With this attitude, you develop serenity and relaxation towards your goals. A setback becomes less of a failure and more a case of a good idea waiting for "it’s" time or a stepping stone of the universe to deliver something much greater to you then you were expecting.


With this attitude, you open spaces that may not even be visible to you. Just the theoretical recognition "that everything is possible" makes more possible in your life. Through this shift you access your higher self, instead of working from your conditioned mind (your ego).


A big goal consists of many small steps. As you learn to enjoy the path - the many small steps - rather than a distant future goal, you have infinite fun & fulfilment in your business. Then energy behind your big goal can only be experienced in the NOW. Therefore, acknowledging those seemingly small steps forward you start shifting your energy. This is the only way to finally also reach your big goals.


What you can and do NOW is perfect for people out there in the wide world who are waiting for you and your offer. Do not shift your life & business into the future but start NOW. You can learn while you are already active in doing. No need to become better, wiser, prettier. START BEFORE YOU ARE READY and keep on learning/improving while you are on your way.


Your "why," your values, your motivation are what drives you & your business. You develop charisma and enthusiasm for you and other people. Recalling your vision can REKINDLE the fire of your business over and over again.

By the way, your big why and your vision do not necessarily need focus on other people and the betterment of the world. Depending on your unique energy your vision might include creating a beautiful life for you and your children. This vision is perfect! Look out for what makes you happy and what your deepest desires are. They show you the way to your WHY.

These are some of my favorite MINDSET SHIFTS I work with in my business daily! Now to the TOOLS and RESOURCES, which complement my business. Keep on reading, my dear!

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Tools and products that I use in my online business daily:


WordPress is definitely my favourite among the website and blog systems. I also had some experience with Joomla and Jimdo, but somehow, I always returned to WordPress. And that's exactly what I recommend to you.

Active Campaign

After a few different other newsletter providers (Cleverreach, Click Tip, Mailchimp and Getresponse) I ended up with ActiveCampaign and am very satisfied. For small money (some plans are completely free and you get a reasonable amount of capability) you have a great system available. The tagging option is especially great, so that you can follow exactly which of your readers are interested in something and can send them targeted newsletters.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress plugins that are really awesome. Opt In forms to generate leads, a landing page tool, and a testimonial plug-in - both collecting and presenting, are just three of the plugins I'm currently using. 

Thrive Themes is for me an all-round solution that I would buy again at any time! You can choose from a one-to-one or all-in-one solution that fits your wallet better.


Zoom is my conferencing software of choice. Almost all my online coaching sessions are done via zoom (more stable than Skype). I also use it to host Webinar-style conferences and my Mastermind Sessions. Likewise, everything is recorded and later uploaded to Vimeo. 


With Wishlist I can create member areas, e.g. the Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe. These can only be entered if you have a user account with password. There are then the contents of your online course or members area, protected from unregistered access. 


I use Vimeo to host my videos. Both for my Soulful Entrepreneur Tribe, as well as others, which I like to have embedded on my blog. The advantage here is that I can make the settings very restrictive. For example, the Tribe videos cannot be downloaded, which is important to me as they are part of a paid offer. The design is nice and simple. 

I do use several further tools, like Canva (for graphics), Planoly (to prepare my Instagram posts), iMovie (for simple video editing). 

The biggest part though are my lovely virtual assistants, social media manager and Pinterest assistant, who help me making life so much easier and joyful.

Not to forget my business coach, mastermind sisters, friends and family, who have made my six figure success this year not only a wish and desire, but a REALITY.


If you are ready to scale up your game and get wonderful support and help on your side, check out my Work with me Page and contact me. ❤

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One thing many (not all) of my clients and members of my audience struggle with is the lack of clients and sales. They want to build or grow their existing soul aligned business and somehow it is not working as they wished it to be.

I still know that feeling of overwhelm, of unclarity and of total frustration when I had my website and my offers out there, even a strategy in place - and then - no one bought or even asked about my services.

What I teach my clients and YOU nowadays is what I had to learn in years of trial, of struggle, deep frustration and slow movement. My clients now sell within the first months of working with me, so we manage to cut my years of hustling into less than months of building and growing a business.

What has made the difference for me and my clients? I don't focus on strategy, I focus on ENERGY and MINDSET. Strategy has its place as well, however, the foundation needs to be laid, before we place your aligned strategy on top.

Today I have 3 ways for you to increase your sales! And if you want more you can sign up for an even more extensive video training on "7 ways how to increase your sales with ease". So let us begin 😀

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1. Work on connecting with people

It is not about having a big name, a following of hundreds of thousands and a branding every kid in the streets recognizes. However, it is about CONNECTING DEEPLY WITH PEOPLE. Especially if you have a soul aligned business and you are not just in it "for the money". You have a message, a love for the world, you want to make an impact.

Understand that sales come from real PEOPLE. People who like you and your message. And therefore choose to buy from YOU - and not from others. That means the more you interact and connect with your target audience, the more you get to know them, the more you offer them valuable (free) content, solutions and basically your ENERGY, the more people you will have to sell to! Know that your soulmate clients LOVE to buy from you, not because they love your product, but because they love YOU 😀

So your job is to become friends with them, be deeply interested in them, be authentic and be of integrity, whatever it means for you. And yes, be invested in them and their forthcoming. Don't clumsily shove your offers into they face of everyone but work on connecting FIRST before you enter a sales conversation.
Human connection is your biggest sales booster ever. ❤

2. Increase your belief in yourself and your product

You might have great connection with others and a huge following online and/or offline. That does NOT equal lots of sales and big income! So while building your tribe and let others grow trust in you, another job of yours is to strengthen your self-belief. There are a million ways to do it. It's not easy though. And it's key!! Others will sense, if you don't believe in yourself, nor in your product. Why should they buy something from you, you don't even belief in?

Start with an evidence list of why you are worthy, why you are powerful, why you are loved, why you are needed, why your service is amazing, outstanding and lifechanging. Work on whatever is your biggest issue.

Create this list with real-life evidence (i.e. someone giving you a compliment, someone who loves you, a client testimonial) and with imagined evidence (basically what would be great evidence, so that you could believe in your worthiness, power, etc.). Your brain wouldn't differentiate between something which happened in the past or something you imagined. Look at this list daily and through that FOCUS on your strengths and power. With that you shift your self-doubt into self-belief. Like you train your body you can TRAIN YOUR MIND!

3. Energetically connect with your clients and customers

Now we approach one of the most important factors when it comes to BUSINESS GROWTH via energetic methods. Plain strategy and mindset work leave out a crucial factor: your ENERGY! Especially in the western hemispheres, we work on base of our conditioned mind, our lower self (built between 0-7 years). What we learned, experienced and internalized then shapes how we act now. However, there is a much bigger consciousness to tap into. And if we act from that place of HIGHER SELF and intuitive mind, we tap into a life full of coincidences, easy manifestation and intuition. 

You wonder, how the heck do I ACCESS this higher potential of mine? I will leave you with just one big energy shift to work on. Find the energy, which is connected for you to your big goal (x clients, x amount of money you want to make, specific time frame). What would making 6 or 7 figures energy wise mean to you? What FEELING would it give you to have achieved that?

Instead of then waiting for your goal to be achieved and through that bringing you the desired feeling, start acting AS IF. Focus on this energy and create more of it NOW in your life and business. Might it be ease, recognition, fun, joy, exhilaration. THIS IS YOUR WAY TO GO. Look how and where to step into this feeling more and more. And see how your outer reality will change. 😀

When it comes to your clients and prospects, stop seeing them as they are and start projecting onto them how you wish them TO BE. Act as if they were your soulmate clients, loving to pay for your services, keen to invest in themselves, quickly to implement your advice, enthused and thrilled to speak to you. Put your focus on what you desire instead of what is lacking in your current reality.

I could tell you so much more on all those areas, however, start with the above mentioned shifts and methods and see how your business will shift! If you want to learn more, make sure to sign up for extensive video training on "7 ways how to increase your sales with ease".

Much love to you!


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What are you FEARFUL of?

What are you FEARFUL of? What lies behind that and is going on on a much deeper level?

I had a transformative Retreat in the beautiful High Tatras in Slovakia. I thought we'd speak about strategies, implementation methods for 6figure months, the How to's to reach big goals 😀
Instead, many of us faced their deepest fears, showed our most vulnerable sides and reconnected with our emotional sides.
And you know what? THAT creates MILLIONS in the bank account.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
All of the women there are high level. From 5k a month business owners to million dollar businesses. From powerful shamanic healers, spiritual enlightment teachers to branding and marketing agency owners. From the most loving to the most energetic, fun, introvert, extravert human beings.

I am close to my 6figure income goal for this year. What I realized and transformed at this weekend is what has holding me back. STILL.

Now I KNOW with every fibre of my being, that I can crack my one million goal for next year. Not because I know my strategies or whatever. But because I am letting go of fear.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Fear of death. Fear of loss. Fear of commitment. Fear of vulnerability.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Beyond those fears lies.... LIFE. Every second. Honouring my path, my energy and my being. Connecting with my loved ones on a deep level. Knowing that I will never ever loose them. Because energy doesn't leave. Knowing that I have ZERO to loose.

By the way, THIS is the level we will play on, if you choose to work with me - in what form so ever. Your ego might cringe, wanting to grasp for "strategies straws" 😉 I will bring you back to the fundamentals. Always. We will work on your energy. Day in and day out. And you WILL SEE the results. 💖

If you are ready to shift heaven and earth I will know that you have what it takes and am happy to talk with you!  😉 (Click here to fill in the application:

Let me know your deepest desires and visions.

Much love

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PLAYFULNESS | It will make building your business so much more fun 🙂

Look at those lovely donkeys we met at our hike in the swiss mountains. Aren't they adorable? Somehow they remind me of playfulness and having fun...

We had SO MUCH FUN - besides deep inner work - at our Retreat in the High Tatras in Slovakia. And I know with absolute CERTAINTY that we will have tremendous fun in the UK soon, when I will HOST my very first own retreat there with my lovely mastermind ladies.

Life includes everything, joy, fun, deep feelings, sometimes slow and painful learnings.

For me it is super important to balance it. For a long time I had been focussing on deep internal work. I still have a big junk of personal development in my life. However, the fun part - the DAILY fun part - is being invited more and more into my life 🙂
So, my lovely ones, what's your playful side?⠀⠀⠀⠀
Much love!⠀

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Business CAN be easy, it CAN be fun and exhilarating. It is your choice and yours only. And in that lies tremendous power.

Could you imagine yourself having so much more fun, exhilaration and ease in your business & life? Or are you doubtful? Let me know in the comments.

Whether you are sure or not HOW to invite those qualities into your business, apply for a clarity call with me and lets see how we can get your energy shifted <3 Click here.

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You are an INSPIRATION – most often without even knowing!

You are an INSPIRATION – most often without even knowing!

Recently an old friend congratulated me on my birthday and in one of his messages mentioned my inspiring content on Instagram. I had never seen him like my posts, nor commenting, nor sending me messages and was truly astonished to hear him saying all those beautiful words about me & my message.

Even though I get a lot of wonderful feedback from all of you (and I am deeply grateful for that), this incident made clear to me on a much deeper level, that you NEVER know whom YOU INSPIRE! You might have the feeling that you are writing for no one, that not a single person cares about you & your message. You might get frustrated about the low interaction in your groups and missing likes/comments.

I tell you: NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! There are people out there who desperately NEED to hear your message. There are people out there who in their darkest hour wouldn’t reach out to you and tell you that your post mattered to them. Because they don’t have the strength, the courage, the self-belief, whatever. But it did!

This one message of you might change a person’s life. It might keep a person alive. This is ALL that counts. Because that is why you do it, my dear. ❤

And you already inspire more people than you could ever imagine. What’s coming back to you is just a tiny tiny fraction of the magnitude of you, your message and the IMPORTANCE OF YOUR WORK.

If you are creating content and doing something, you belong to the 1% who are going out there! Don’t expect others to be the same. Just KNOW that you have a tremendous impact. And that KNOWINGNESS is all that you will ever need my dear.
If you crave support and feedback from soulsisters, reach out to me to learn about my Shift Heaven and Earth Mastermind. Get yourself supported, nourished and empowered, so that you can give even more to your tribe ❤ Click here.

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GROWTH| You are either committed to your GROWTH or you are committed to your BULLSHIT.

Plain and simple 😁 Your choice, my dear. And I say that with all my love. 💕

Yeah, I know what it means to be committed to your own bullshit. It’s not a nice place to be. Looking back on it and how I continuously change it into a commitment to my own growth, it fills me with humility and utter respect.

And I teach that my clients as well <3

This is exactly why you want to be in my upcoming mastermind, a journey into deep personal and business growth, lifting the veil of your own BS, which has holding you back all those past years.

Do your really want to be in the same place 5 years from now? Would you not rather live, work and breathe from your highest version of yourself, owning your INNATE POWER?

Then join the intimate circle of incredible women in my SHIFT HEAVEN AND EARTH MASTERMIND ->

Much love to you! 💗

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Breaking your routines opens you up to wonders, new experiences & basically to the unknown.

DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY & DOING DIFFERENT THINGS invites exactly THAT kind of unlimited energy into your life.

Keeping your body flexible keeps your mind flexible & vice versa. So whenever you fall into a state of stagnation, get things mixed up! Get moving, change places, go travelling & break your routines.

This does not need to involve major changes. Just invite a little change in your daily life to spice things up. Routines are amazing. To a certain point. Once you start DOING ROUTINES BECAUSE OF THE ROUTINE, it’s time for change, my dear.

RED FLAGS: If you excuse not growing with having to stick to a routine. If you excuse not being happy, because that is how life goes. If you excuse not striving for more, because your daily life doesn’t allow it.

And believe me, I have been stuck in unhelpful routines, internally as well as externally, quite often in my life and business. I am forever thankful for my friends, my coach & my soulsisters for holding me accountable & telling me when breaking habits is needed.

For example did I work myself close to burnout before I really got the message of my soulsister @rozware to get a personal assistant on board. It was not so much the further assistance on my side, but the so much needed break of my old and so well-known waiting energy. Lets wait until your business has grown further and xyz before you get someone else on board.

MINDFUCK par excellence!! Your business will never grow in a healthy way if you postpone getting support.

Ready to spice things up? Ready to grow your business & to let go of the limiting belief that you have to stick to routines? Ready to let go of tender old habits which don’t serve you any more but prevent you from prosperity, happiness & love? Then DM me here.
Much much love! <3

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Start BEFORE you are ready

Start BEFORE you are ready.

Do what SCARES you.

Confidence is built by DOING, not by waiting for it.

This is the moment when you start serving from your highest level and actually BECOME your next-level-version.

It is the moment when you start inviting in all that you have ever dreamt of, a life full of love and connection, ultimate freedom and purpose.

And it is when the success you have been craving for years finally becomes reality and the only logical consequence. ❤️

Are you ready?

Are you READY to take the risks, do what scares you nonetheless?

If you are that woman, you are the perfect match for my upcoming SHIFT HEAVEN AND EARTH mastermind 😍

Much love <3

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You CAN become that version of yourself you have always been striving for. Whatever you yearn to be, it is possible ☺️

It is part of an alternate reality, which is ALWAYS there for you to choose. You don’t need to wait for it for years. You could, if you wanted, switch into it in a second.

However, be sure to choose a version, YOU really want to be. Very often we see others and want to become like them.

Instead, let yourself be inspired by others and incorporate it in your unique way of being. Become YOURSELF – in the fullest expression.

Are you ready? Apply for a 1:1 call with me to find out if my newest offer – the VIP DAY INTENSIVE in Berlin, London or Zurich – is the right fit for you:

Much love!

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