Beyond the Hustle – DeFi Freedom

Welcome to my page, where I share different DeFi projects with you that bring me a beautiful chunk of passive income every month and lots of joy/fun to attend to every day! 🙂 Crypto has a wonderful gaming effect to it...

If you scroll down you find all the different projects I am involved in right now. Click on the little arrow to the right to learn how you can get started in these projects, too.

But first a little summary how I got started and why.

I started with Drip that I came across via my former coach Alba, end of December 2021. I instantly got hooked, mainly because I trusted her and liked the project.

Drip is now almost 2 years old - a super long time for DeFi! - it is a contract that lets you deposit your Drip into the Faucet and earn 1% on it - every single day! Drip itself is not pegged to a stable coin, therefore it is more volatile. But also has the chance to go up quite a bit. We reside around 70 Cents at the moment (bear market in full swing) with an ATH in Jan 22 of 200 USD!

Yet, the beauty of Drip does not lie in its price... but in the powerful compounding mechanic! I urge anyone to get into it - if not for financial freedom, then for strengthening your wealth and abundance consciousness. Seeing what DeFi is doing for people, how it generates wealth for people without having other people earn less, and that it can ultimately set you free financially, is an absolute mindset hack!

The developer Forex Shark and some of the Devs who work with him like James DevStreak are building a whole ecosystem at the moment with a lot of utility (lending *cough cough* - this will be a game changer...).

After Drip I put some money into the Drip Garden, another project of the same dev of Drip. It is higher reward and higher risk. Here I like the gamification. I have to plant or harvest my plants several times a day 🤓

Animal Farm, the massive ecosystem around Drip Network, is being relaunched in the coming months. Once this is up and running my prediction is that we will never see a price for the Drip token below 50 USD ever again.

Then I got really hooked and wanted to enter a project that was in its starting phase. And Piston showed up for me. I joined my very first successful presale 🎉

Now I am involved in about 7 different projects and slowly branching out into different networks as well.

Further below I share several of the protocols I have invested in. 👇🏻

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas mentioned here. This is NOT financial advice. I am not responsible for your financial success or failure. Always do your own research.

Drip Network

Here is a detailed description how to join Drip Network & create amazing daily 1% passive income.

1. Set up a Metamask Wallet on your Laptop/Desktop (preferred due to safety reasons) or download the Metamask Wallet on your smart phone

Set up the Chrome Metamask Extension for desktop or laptop use — tutorial here:

2. Add Binance Smart Chain to the networks on your Metamask — tutorial here:

3. Set up a account on your phone (you get a 25$ Bonus on your card when you get one at some point) or Kucoin account or other coin exchange where you can purchase BNB — Those inside US must use to purchase BNB set up tutorial here:

Kucoin set up tutorial here:

4. Purchase BNB (Binance native token) and transfer to your Metamask Wallet.

5. Go to and purchase drip using your BNB (keep at least 0.1 BNB in your wallet to cover gas fees)

6. Go to the Faucet page and copy and paste this 0x2B015169ab9019592DeBd6cA4CDe88f623f5895d into the Buddy Address Section on and deposit your Drip (Minimum 1 Drip to join)

7. Click Hydrate every other day to compound your interest and build your deposits and your Daily 1% ROI.


  1. Kelly Snook's Drip Calculator with links to the YouTube Video Tutorial and Dripping with Confidence strategy article

    Youtube calculator tutorial:

    Medium article:

    Play around a bit with the calculator and find YOUR sweet spot between claiming and hydrating!
  2. And another calculator, this one from Team Drip Guide, where you can quickly see your income after 100, 200, 300 days here:

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Drip Garden

Drip Garden is high risk, high reward. I use it to farm DRIP-BUSD LP to put into Animal farm (once it's up and running again), as well as split up my LP, put Drip into the Faucet and take BUSD out to pay myself.

If you want to create LPs, do that via the DRIP Liberation contract allows farmers to add DRIP/BUSD liquidity to PancakeSwap without paying the 10% transaction tax:

Then click here, enter your just created DRIP/BUSD LPs and buy plants:

Now you come back several times a day to plant or harvest your new plants 🙂


Animal Farm

Animal Farm is about to be relaunched. 

Piston Race

While Drip has the advantage of having successfully been on the DeFi market for over a year (which is truly amazing and shows its stability), Piston is newer (hasn't been proven over time) yet has some interesting developments so far!

You can get in and still exit the race (in case you need the cash or have changed your mind) for 7 days!

There is a 5x factor, that 'forces' you to redeposit if you want to grow your max payout bigger than this 5x. It doesn't grow through compounding. This is a very cool feature to make the protocol more sustainable and stable.


1. Follow steps 1-4 as described in section Drip Network

2. Go to any swap page like any swap your BNB for BUSD. Again make sure to leave 0.1 BNB in your wallet for gas fees.

3. Open

4. Select the tab "Swap" and swap your BUSD for Piston 

5. Select the tab "Race" and click the deposit button. Click "max" and deposit all your tokens into the race 🚀

7. Follow your hydration/claim/redeposit  schedule


    Make a copy of this calculator by CULT Called Defi and play around to find your preferred claim/compound strategy:
    PS: I am not a fan of the branding, but I can't change it for you. Just put a picture of your partner instead of the woman 😇


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Better be safe than sorry in Crypto!! The idea in DeFi is "power back to the masses" and this comes with the other side of the coin "you have to take full responsibility, no one is coming for your rescue". 

I follow the Pareto principle here, the 80/20 rule. 80% of the outcome comes from 20% of effort you put in. Or: roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes.

I do quite a lot to keep my crypto holdings safe, but I won't go crazy and make my life hugely complex. As it comes down to energetics too. Are you furiously doing everything to keep your funds safe, but come from a lack vibration? You'll sabotage yourself into loosing it in some kind of way. Are you taking security seriously, coming from and abundant perspective? Even if you loose something to a hack you'll make it back quickly! In the end your energy/your vibration informs the outcome! 🎉

With that being sad, here is a list of very good security measures. You decide yourself and take responsibility for what you'll do of these. The list is inspired by my friend Carina...

  1. Keep everything updated.
  2. Get a VPN on your PC, Mac and phones (there are free versions i.e. from ProtonVPN)
  3. Firefox and Brave are more secure than Chrome. Plus, brave pays you crypto coins when you watch ads... So double cool 😅
  4. Turn on 2FA on EVERYTHING (make sure to have a backup of your authenticator app so that you'll be able to have it on another phone in case you loose yours etc.). But never use SMS as a 2FA. Download Google or Twillio Authy. SMS problem see below.
  5. Never EVER use the email address you have displayed publicly to sign up to any financial services or crypto. Use an encrypted email provider like Proton Mail instead that you ONLY use for Crypto and nothing else.
    That way, should they hack into your email, they can't also see ALL your other financial services and hack themselves into those accounts from there. (a.e. reset password for example!)
  6. Hardware wallets. For extra safety: One that is the intermediary (a), and one that never gets connected to the internet(b).
  7. Never EVER tell anyone your seed phrases and don't save them on your computer, phone or cloud.
  8. Get a password manager and create proper passwords for everything.
  9. Check and double check web addresses. Be weary to connect your wallet to new sites. Using Google does not ensure you got the right site. Bookmark your safe pages and do not click on other people's links.
  10. Use a new wallet for a new project, especially if you are staking things you can't get back out again, like Drip. Use a different browser or new browser profile for each wallet.
  11. This one hurt a lot:
    If possible, don't use your "public" phone number. (The phone number you have put on Facebook, Telegram, your website, LinkedIn etc).
    The most common way for people to break into accounts is through sim swapping. They get enough info on you on Facebook (address, birthday, pet names, etc) get your phone number and call your provider so many times until they have enough info that they can convince the provider that it's you and ask them to reroute your phone number to "a new phone".
    They get all SMS 2FAs, emails etc. and get into everything with that.
    So... ideally: get a cheap 2nd prepaid phone and number. Use this phone only for crypto and don't make it public anywhere.

Energy consumption of Crypto

Again, written by my friend and Crypto enthusiast Carina Sha:

We always want our plugs to work when we plug our phone into the wall to charge it.

But we do not use the same amount energy all day round.
We spike in the morning, then it slows down, the it grows exponentially in the eve, then it dips again at night.

Energy production can not be adjusted accordingly- they have to produce at max amount the whole time, to cover everyone has energy even if they plug in at the "ATH" of consumption of the day.

Energy costs a LOT to store and to transport. A LOT.

So instead, they BURN whatever is left over and isn't being used.

So currently, 40% of all energy that is being produces gets burned and flared out into the atmosphere.

(= BAD for the environment, since only...85%?... of the particles actually combust, the rest pollutes our atmosphere.)

Anyone that complains that the energy consumption is so high of crypto and therefor a threat to the encironment instantly proves that they have no clue what they are talking about.

What they do is, energy companies are actually teaming up with crypto farms and PAYING them to use the energy.

I saw an interview with multiple mining farm owners confirming that.

They simply mine more or less, depending on how much energy is set over at that moment.

Its actually reducing wastage if energy by 40%.

That wastage is also a big reason why green energy is "too expensive to produce"

it's not. The wastage is too high to make it worth it.
With crypto, now suddenly we have something that is not only making green energy worth it, it's making it lucrative.

To a point where more and more mining farms are financing the build of green energy set ups all around the world already