Are you a highly sensitive entrepreneur? – Learn about the most common traits

☝🏻An estimate of 15-20 percent of the population is highly sensitive. Although it's related to introversion, and about 70% of HSP are introverts, it is not the same thing. Highly sensitive people have lower filters to sensory input, they are hypersensitive to a variety of stimuli.

🔑 In this episode I'll talk about the common traits, what it means to be highly sensitive and why it is important to know. High sensitivity is a beautiful gift. However, many entrepreneurs haven't honed in on its power and rather focus on it being a curse. This is about to change! 🙂

👉🏻If you are unsure if you are highly sensitive, take this short test:

👉🏻If you want to read more about High Sensitivity, check out the following books:

⭐️ Elaine Aron, a clinical psychologist, has been speaking about HSP from the 90's on: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Survive and Thrive When the World Overwhelms You
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⭐️ Susan Cain mentions lots of research on introversion and HSP:
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
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