Free 45min Mindset Mastery Assessment

There are very specific things that I see my clients deal with. They want to master their inner game and accelerate their results without getting burned out or sacrificing their happiness.
They are ready to remove any mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping them stuck and in a loop of dissatisfaction about their progress and themselves.

Therefore, in just 45min I will help you to:

  1. Uncover the emotional and mental blocks that have kept you from accelerating your results in the speed you desire 
  2. Have a clear path to resolving them
  3. Experience peace of mind knowing what your next steps are

Ready? Book your session, fill in the questionnaire so that I can better understand your current situation and the kind of support you're craving and I will see you on our call!


When I came to Lydia, I only knew the "old way" of working: long hours, hard-driving, high stress, grinding it out.

Lydia taught me an approach that is better in a million fantastic ways.

Keith Allen Johns

Thank you Lydia for holding space, asking the right questions, providing knowledge and strategy and being such a role model for me - ever since

And was that coaching a major leap for me!! I was so focussed on business growth that I forgot about what this means for me personally. I had to overcome quite some old patterns in order to make things shift. Lydia held the process in a great way and with her great strengths of being absolutely non-judgemental, she helped me to overcome my own self-judgement. I happened to reduce my self-doubt massively which removed the obstacles for growth - personally and in business.

Monika Kletzmayr

If anybody asks me where to invest first to boost their business, I say: Get a coach. Then get all the other stuff.

I was stuck. I knew I could do better, reach more, create more, earn more. I felt deeply unhappy with my business and what I had reached so far. So I decided to ask Lydia if she would work with me. She did and the change was dramatic! In a few weeks, my wife and I multiplied our income 10 times. And we even worked way less hours then ever before.

She showed me where I had to dig deeper. I was never stuck in work; I was stuck in myself. I had brainwashed myself over 33 years with false-beliefs and non-supportive self talk.

It was very hard for me to take so much money and invest it in myself instead of other tools and stuff... AND it was the best decision I've ever made!

Alexander Hammerschmied , Business Processes & Marketing Automation Specialist

Working with Lydia has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Over the years, I’ve tried different modalities and Lydia’s work was the missing piece of the puzzle to integrate everything.

Lydia has a very calm presence and I felt understood and validated in ways I had never experienced before. She always had a knack for saying exactly what I needed to hear and was always patient when I needed reminders and empathetic towards my experiences while simultaneously teaching me ways to break through old conditioning. I would highly recommend working with Lydia and I plan on doing so again in the future.