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Are you longing for massively increasing your INCOME and IMPACT with your business as a sensitive and intuitive entrepreneur? And doing that with so much EASE and LOVE, following your UNIQUE path, instead of constant hustle, overwhelm, misaligned strategies and self-sabotaging actions?


(If no times work for you, send me an e-mail to and we'll work something out for you! :)

What others say about working with Lydia:

Teresa Bauer


Having Lydia at my side as my Business and Mindset Coach is the best decision I have ever made.

It allows me to develop my business with much greater self-confidence because I have a sparring partner for all important decisions and considerations who both asks me the right questions and gives me really valuable advice.

I appreciate the combination of coaching and mentoring very much and by working that closely with Lydia I can move forward much faster than I could ever have done alone.

At all times I feel that she is bringing all her HEART AND MIND into my business and this support is just priceless - what you get is not just a common blueprint, but a really deep connection for your business and life. 

After only 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching with Lydia I was able to sell my first coaching package without even having a sales page for it. I never ever dreamed of selling with this much ease before and I'm very much looking forward to sky-rocketing my business with Lydia over the next 4.5 months!

Teresa Bauer - Change manager & Coach

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