Hey, great you made your way here!

This means you really are ready to boost your business and lifestyle to the next level. Ready to show your loved ones, friends and the world what you are capable of. What is stopping you? Let me know your deepest desires and dreams. What visions deep within your soul are waiting to break free?

Oh, before you tell me, let me first of all tell you a little bit about myself 😉

My name is Lydia Sophia. 

I just loooove my name. My two first names represent my entrepreneurial and empathetic skills. More than 2000 years ago Lydia used to be a prosperous merchant of purple in Persia. She was very emancipated and one of the first female entrepreneurs of her kind. And Sophia is Greek and means wisdom. There is no better name to start off with, right?

During my journey to Bali in 2017

Travelling is my passion!

I was born and raised in Germany, however, I have been travelling throughout the world since the age of 12. Freedom, ease and service are one of my TOP values.

So far I have travelled 50 countries and it fullfills me to get to know new cultures and help my coaching clients wherever I am in the world. Whatever freedom looks like to you... Whatever ease and beautiful service looks like to you... I am here to help you do that too <3

Personal development and mindset have transformed my life and business. 

Whilst graduating from school, studying geography and completing numerous coaching trainings I have always kept myself busy with personal development in order to process my past.  I grew up in a community similar to a cult which I only left when I turned 18. This background has influenced my life in a tremendous way.

All my experience gives me the ability to mentor others with integrity and a personal profoundness. I will not only help you taking your business to the next level, but also propelling your personal life to a place you would have never imagined existed <3 

Lydia Profil 2

In Tarangire National Park / Tanzania 2018

Create your dream reality!

Can you imagine I am living a life today I could only have dreamt of two years ago? My life and business are perfectly balanced to meet my needs as a highly sensitive entrepreneur. 

Feel like achieving the same? If so, you can apply for a free clarity-session here.

I will support you in eliminating your fears and building a business which will bring you freedom, self-determination and fulfillment in your life!

  • I will accompany you step by step through your implementation, especially whilst aligning your mindset.
  • Gaining necessary Yin & Yang for your business are also part of the package. My female empathetic and sensitive skills are essential in supporting you ideally. Whereas my clarity, structure, analytical skills and my “getting-things-done”-gene have been present in my family for decades.
  • Let me challenge you! All the way! Without overwhelming you. 
  • NOW is the right time. Stop procrastinating and looking for excuses in your life. 😉  

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