3 Ways How to Increase Your Sales with Ease

3 Ways to Increase Your Sales

One thing many (not all) of my clients and members of my audience struggle with is the lack of clients and sales. They want to build or grow their existing soul aligned business and somehow it is not working as they wished it to be.

I still know that feeling of overwhelm, of unclarity and of total frustration when I had my website and my offers out there, even a strategy in place - and then - no one bought or even asked about my services.

What I teach my clients and YOU nowadays is what I had to learn in years of trial, of struggle, deep frustration and slow movement. My clients now sell within the first months of working with me, so we manage to cut my years of hustling into less than months of building and growing a business.

What has made the difference for me and my clients? I don't focus on strategy, I focus on ENERGY and MINDSET. Strategy has its place as well, however, the foundation needs to be laid, before we place your aligned strategy on top.

Today I have 3 ways for you to increase your sales! And if you want more you can sign up for an even more extensive video training on "7 ways how to increase your sales with ease". So let us begin 😀

1. Work on connecting with people

It is not about having a big name, a following of hundreds of thousands and a branding every kid in the streets recognizes. However, it is about CONNECTING DEEPLY WITH PEOPLE. Especially if you have a soul aligned business and you are not just in it "for the money". You have a message, a love for the world, you want to make an impact.

Understand that sales come from real PEOPLE. People who like you and your message. And therefore choose to buy from YOU - and not from others. That means the more you interact and connect with your target audience, the more you get to know them, the more you offer them valuable (free) content, solutions and basically your ENERGY, the more people you will have to sell to! Know that your soulmate clients LOVE to buy from you, not because they love your product, but because they love YOU 😀

So your job is to become friends with them, be deeply interested in them, be authentic and be of integrity, whatever it means for you. And yes, be invested in them and their forthcoming. Don't clumsily shove your offers into they face of everyone but work on connecting FIRST before you enter a sales conversation.
Human connection is your biggest sales booster ever. ❤

2. Increase your belief in yourself and your product

You might have great connection with others and a huge following online and/or offline. That does NOT equal lots of sales and big income! So while building your tribe and let others grow trust in you, another job of yours is to strengthen your self-belief. There are a million ways to do it. It's not easy though. And it's key!! Others will sense, if you don't believe in yourself, nor in your product. Why should they buy something from you, you don't even belief in?

Start with an evidence list of why you are worthy, why you are powerful, why you are loved, why you are needed, why your service is amazing, outstanding and lifechanging. Work on whatever is your biggest issue.

Create this list with real-life evidence (i.e. someone giving you a compliment, someone who loves you, a client testimonial) and with imagined evidence (basically what would be great evidence, so that you could believe in your worthiness, power, etc.). Your brain wouldn't differentiate between something which happened in the past or something you imagined. Look at this list daily and through that FOCUS on your strengths and power. With that you shift your self-doubt into self-belief. Like you train your body you can TRAIN YOUR MIND!

3. Energetically connect with your clients and customers

Now we approach one of the most important factors when it comes to BUSINESS GROWTH via energetic methods. Plain strategy and mindset work leave out a crucial factor: your ENERGY! Especially in the western hemispheres, we work on base of our conditioned mind, our lower self (built between 0-7 years). What we learned, experienced and internalized then shapes how we act now. However, there is a much bigger consciousness to tap into. And if we act from that place of HIGHER SELF and intuitive mind, we tap into a life full of coincidences, easy manifestation and intuition. 

You wonder, how the heck do I ACCESS this higher potential of mine? I will leave you with just one big energy shift to work on. Find the energy, which is connected for you to your big goal (x clients, x amount of money you want to make, specific time frame). What would making 6 or 7 figures energy wise mean to you? What FEELING would it give you to have achieved that?

Instead of then waiting for your goal to be achieved and through that bringing you the desired feeling, start acting AS IF. Focus on this energy and create more of it NOW in your life and business. Might it be ease, recognition, fun, joy, exhilaration. THIS IS YOUR WAY TO GO. Look how and where to step into this feeling more and more. And see how your outer reality will change. 😀

When it comes to your clients and prospects, stop seeing them as they are and start projecting onto them how you wish them TO BE. Act as if they were your soulmate clients, loving to pay for your services, keen to invest in themselves, quickly to implement your advice, enthused and thrilled to speak to you. Put your focus on what you desire instead of what is lacking in your current reality.

I could tell you so much more on all those areas, however, start with the above mentioned shifts and methods and see how your business will shift! If you want to learn more, make sure to sign up for extensive video training on "7 ways how to increase your sales with ease".

Much love to you!


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