To help you grow your soul aligned business with ease!


I feel you! I had been building my business for years before I could finally scale it to 6 figures within MONTHS! Now I know that - with an ALIGNED MINDSET and ENERGY - it can go much quicker than those years it took me in the beginning stages! 😀 And that is what I am here to HELP YOU DO!

I have news for you. It is not about technology or knowledge or time. IT IS ABOUT YOUR MIND AND YOUR ENERGY (and obviously a bit of strategy as well). This is what we are going to work on together, my dear!

Of course I had coaches on my side my whole journey. I would NOT be, where I am now, without them. Trying to figure out everything on your own will take you much longer or even let you fail, as you can't see your own blind spots. Someone on your side will EMPOWER you, hold you ACCOUNTABLE and BELIEVE in you on a level, you currently aren't able to do yourself.

Working with me will be a powerful catalyzer for your business.

Based on my KNOWLEDGE and INTUITIVE GUIDANCE we will dive deep into the areas where I feel you need the most support. Might it be aligning your business strategy, shifting your energy, clearing old blockages and former disempowering beliefs, teaching you selling and marketing skills, and so much more. Or all of that of course!

While working with me, you will start into your daily business life with new found energy, much more clarity, a new level of ease and conviction. And see how your life and business transforms in front of your eyes. ❤

Six weeks for now I've had the dear Lydia at my side as my Business & Mindset Coach and it is the best decision I've ever made. It allows me to develop my business with much greater self-confidence because I have a sparring partner for all important decisions and considerations who both asks me the right questions and gives me really valuable advice.

I appreciate the combination of coaching and mentoring very much and by working that closely with Lydia I can move forward much faster than I could ever have done alone. The whole time I feel that she brings all her heart and mind into my business and this support is just priceless - what you get is not just a common blueprint, but a really deep connection for your business and life. 

After only 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching with Lydia I was able to sell my first coaching package without even having a sales page for it. I never even dreamt of selling with this ease before and I'm very much looking forward to sky-rocketing my business with Lydia for the next 4.5 months!

Teresa Bauer,  www.getremote.de

My 1:1 coaching is extremely limited and reserved for a selected group of heart-centered and ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to invest time, money and energy into building their purpose-driven and soul based business, as well as creating the life of their dreams! I will support you in becoming absolutely freaking LIMITLESS.

We will work together for 3+ months in an empowering setting. This includes unlimited voice and text message support and one 45min call every week in the first three weeks of a month. The fourth week of the month is for implementation and integration - you and I get a break from voice/text mentoring and coaching calls. ❤

​A full VIP DAY INTENSIVE LIVE in Berlin, London or Zurich (other locations according to prior agreement possible) is included!


You will get access to all my other programs running at that time. Just let me know if you want in!

As my VIP 1:1 client you get all my SUPPORT and ENERGY. Your success is my success. I will bring out the HIGHEST POTENTIAL in you, before we have reached that I won't let you go 😉


I was born and raised in Germany, and I have been travelling around the world since the age of 12. FREEDOM, EASE and SERVICE are my TOP values.  I have travelled to 50 countries and it feeds my soul to experience new cultures. I am lucky to be able to coach my clients from wherever I am in the world.

What does freedom look like to you? What does ease and beautiful service look like to you?  Whatever the answer - I am here to help you do that.

I grew up in surroundings of extreme control. I was not allowed my own opinions. I was not free. I lived a life of strict regime.  When I was at the age to make my own choice – I was then able to BREAK FREE. 

Through extensive personal development and mindset training, over the past 15 years, I have found MY VOICE, I have found my FREEDOM and TRANSFORMED my life and business.

All my experience gives me the ability to mentor others with integrity and a personal profoundness. I will help you take your life to the next level by propelling your business and personal life to a place you would have never imagined existed. ❤


  • A truly fulfilling business on ALL levels! When you work from your ZONE OF GENIUS and are deeply aligned with your soul purpose – financial rewards will follow.
  • A shift in your money mindset once and for all - both from a practical and an energetic perspective. Your income can ONLY grow considerable when you are energetically aligned.
  • Expansion of time, doing less while achieving so much more! Focusing on doing the things you love and those that make the true impact in your business. Working in your zone of genius, rather than wasting time on unimportant tasks. 🙂
  • Identification and transformation of limiting beliefs, calling time on your mindset BS.  So, you can be, do or have whatever you desire, and speak your truth and take massive aligned and inspired action in all areas of your life!
  • The joy of ‘Selling with LOVE’ – the secrets of ENERGETICALLY aligning to calling in your next-level clients with ease.
  • Your authentic and unique way of marketing and are fully aligned with the perfect strategy for you. Expanding and growing your client base and audience in wonderful numbers, speaking directly to the hearts of your soulmate clients.
  • Finally charging high-end fees which perfectly expresses the worth you give to your clients! Eliminating fear of pricing – which stops the self-sabotage beliefs, like, ‘no-one will pay my prices!’.
  • Living a freakin' amazing life, full of wonders, beauty and excitement. Especially as a highly sensitive female entrepreneur, it is essential to be empowered to voice your needs, create healthy boundaries and take good care of yourself.
  • Being a female changemaker, who has a true and far-reaching impact, motivating those around you and being a deep inspiration for others!


  • check
    You have a heart-centered and soul-based online and/or offline business (or are building one) and you HAVE A BURNING DESIRE to change the world for the better in your unique and truly aligned way - nothing less!
  • check
    You already have the basics in place, you are not starting from scratch.  You know what your business is (or going to be) and are aware of your calling. 
  • You are ambitious and driven by your purpose. You know that you want to have a BIG IMPACT in this world - you didn't come here to play small and hide.
  • check
    Success seems just around the corner and you are SO READY to uncover the final missing link to step into sustained business growth, abundance, freedom, fun and joy.
  • check
    You yearn for consistent and BIG income flow in your business, creating a feeling of security and the ability to fulfil all the desires you have for yourself and your loved ones. 
  • check
    You are super coachable and open to get GUIDANCE from me in all areas mindset, energetic alignment and strategy. We do want to use our time together wisely and efficiently 🙂
  • check
    MASTERING and using your own ENERGY for high-end sales, marketing and up-levelling your personal life is something which speaks to you and excites you deeply.



Before we start into our 1:1 coaching, I will send you an extensive questionnaire, which I ask you to fill in & send back to me before our first session (details will be sent upon signing up).

Filling in this questionnaire will initiate the process of your transformation. <3


We will then start off with a 1:2:1 personal 90-minute-long strategy session, where we dive deep into your current business situation and where the focus for the coming months will be in your business & life.
In that session we will identify your blocks and start shifting your energy BIG TIME.
We lay the foundations for the forthcoming powerful financial and personal breakthroughs and up levelling for the upcoming months. 


Every week (for three weeks in a row) we meet up via Zoom for a 45 minute ‘Deep Coaching Call’, where we address your current obstacles, celebrate your wins and adjust your energy and strategy, so you can walk further along your path in the right direction! After that you have one week for integration, without coaching calls.


This is a very powerful healing and transformation modality, to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs (up until past generations). From my own experience I can tell you it's just life changing! This powerful Time Line Therapy Session will be done my lovely associate coach Tatiana - who is highly intuitive, extremely capable and just a wonderful soul.


You can share all your questions, experiences, insights, challenges and successes with me via voice and/or text messages throughout our 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring. This has helped my previous clients tremendously, as they are hold, nourished and positively infected by my calm, loving and powerful energy!
I will reply at least in 48hours time - usually much earlier - throughout Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm. I will help you stay accountable during the whole time we work together, making sure you stay focussed on your soul-aligned big goals! ❤


I will create an epic experience for you on our live VIP DAY INTENSIVE in London, Zurich, Berlin (or any other location I will choose in prior agreement with you). I will pick a beautiful mix of what we'll do (adventure, wellness, work, leisure, yummy food, etc.) and it will cater to your needs and energy, so that it will be an amazing uplifting and energizing day for you and your business.

Be excited! 😀


For the time you are my 1:1 VIP client you will get access to all my other programs running at that moment. We decide together what would be of help and you'll be in.


€ 5.000 per month (+ VAT), bookings start from 3 months on

10% discount applies to payments in full

Are you are ready to invest time, money and energy into building your purpose-driven and soul based business, as well as creating the life of your dreams? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! 

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