Helping intuitive and sensitive entrepreneurs grow their business to 6 figures & beyond!

One of the main questions I get asked is …



At the moment you feel slightly stuck... You have been creating the same level of income in your business for the last few months or even years. It is limiting you to the status quo, not giving you the opportunity to invest in your business (and yourself) on a bigger scale in order to bring your gifts into the world! Money is ok, but long not where you wish it to be, nor where you know your ABILITIES could lead you to. You just cannot reach the next level and it's all going very slow. You have no clue why and what to change! (Part of you even feels 'bad' and 'greedy' to want more, as you can survive and pay your bills.)

And the issue is it is not solely about the income. It is about the IMPACT. You feel a slight dissatisfaction as you know there is an even bigger calling waiting for you. That you have been hiding in your little bubble and not fully unleashed the full amazing YOU including your true gifts into the world. But how and what is it? I know, it can be quite frustrating to be stuck there, inside your comfort-zone of creating the same level again and again, with seemingly no way out 

I have experienced where you are and have taken the steps to break through this income and impact ceiling. My purpose is to show how you can and WILL too!


I am often asked about the STRATEGY required in order to break through the invisible glass ceiling. However, it is not about the strategy. It is about the INTERNAL up-levelling!

It is about your relationships.
It about your self-worth.
It is about the choices you make and don’t make.
It is about your level of self-care, including diet, exercise and me-time.
It is about your perceptions and map of the world.
It is about your purpose. It is about your passion.
It is about harnessing your potential.

It is about your relationship to money.

Let's stay there for a moment, as money is such a biggie and stumbling block for sensitive and intuitive entrepreneurs, especially if you want to step into greater income and impact! Deserve-ability becomes an issue and self-worth your sabotage! I have seen it in so many clients.

As money is energy it amplifies who you are.

It amplifies your beliefs, your sense of worth, your shadow self, all the parts of you – good and bad. Money is a magnifying glass. Whatever limiting beliefs are still showing up in your life and business, they will be highlighted

Some level of poverty consciousness might still be playing out in your story. You might still be feeling guilt and shame around your money story. Did your family struggle with money? Do you still connect wealth with greed? Do higher income levels (those you want to achieve) equate to harder working and being busy all the time for you? Where is the deserve-ability if you don’t work hard for your money? 

Money shows us the SHADOW WORK that we need to do.

Here is where I come in.

To help you to take the action
To create impact
To show up
To rewrite your energetic money story

After years of hard work, countless overtime hours, permanent feeling of being underestimated, unworthy and in a terrible need to proof myself to others…

I ended up in burnout and depression.

It took me another 3 troublesome years to realise and accept the possibility to MAKE IT different. The possibility to be happy, successful and fulfilled in a different; intuitive and sensitive way. In a way Lydia teaches me.

And while working with Lydia, it took me 2 months (happy months) to make a real quantum leaps in my life, my overall energy and my business! The first 5-figure month in my life came with ease, happiness and a lot of satisfaction.

Lydia's phenomenal approach to life and business, her gigantic energy and embracing love she surrounds you with, touched me deeply. I am grateful every single day for having her on my side.

Thank you Lydia !

Natalia Dziadus-Hammerschmied, Business Owner  www.hartmut.io/ 


  • Deep satisfaction and a truly fulfilling and aligned business on all levels. You work from your ZONE OF GENIUS and are deeply aligned with your soul purpose.
  • A shift in your money mindset - both from a practical and an energetic perspective. Your income can ONLY grow in relation to your energetic vibration.
  • Expansion of time, doing less while achieving so much more! Being wholly OK with the concept of doing less for more with no guilt attached.Focusing on doing the things you love and those that make the true impact in your business, by working in your zone of genius, rather than wasting time on unimportant tasks.
  • Identification and transformation of limiting beliefs, calling time on your mindset BS.  So, you can be, do or have whatever you desire, to speak your truth and take massive aligned and inspired action in all areas of your life!
  • The joy of ‘Selling with LOVE’ – the secrets of ENERGETICALLY aligning to calling in your next-level clients with ease and charging 5-6 figures for your services.
  • Your unique and authentic way of marketing and are fully aligned with the perfect strategy for you. Expanding and growing an audience and finding your way to impact them in new ways, apart from your 121 soulmate clients to create new revenue streams.

  • Eliminating fear of high high-end pricing! – and stopping self-sabotage beliefs, like, ‘no-one will pay my prices!’ ‘I do not deserve to charge high-end prices', ‘my services are not worthy of high-ticket pricing’.

  • To live an amazing life and embracing the journey, full of wonders, beauty and excitement. Especially as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, it is essential to be empowered to voice your needs, create healthy boundaries and take good care of yourself. ❤ Challenges will not stop, it is a case of new level, new devil – it is the way you empower yourself deal with them.
  • Being a global changemaker, who has a true and far-reaching impact, motivating those around you and being a deep inspiration for others!


The work I do is not about being a money coach or delivering pure business strategy.
I am the coach on your side who will EMPOWER you, hold you ACCOUNTABLE and BELIEVE in you on a level, you can't do yourself at the moment.

  • I have tremendous power and will infuse you with my energy
  • The way I work is deeply nurturing and empowering
  • I know you are not about short-term results; you are about the big picture, so I will always hold you accountable when you shrink and hold back
  • I will hold a safe space for you to share your darkest secrets with me – nothing will shock me and I will accept you at your core. Your darkest fears hold your greatest power.
  • You will benefit from my background in business, art and travel and through the diversity of my experiences
  • My non-conformist approach will help you to reach your millionaire status so much quicker than any linear strategy ever could!
  • You will love the fact that my genuine mission is to care for people and the planet while honoring and loving money to earn big bucks and teach you to do the same

Using my INTUITIVE GUIDANCE we will deeply dive into key areas where I can see you need the most support

This may be energy alignment, embracing shadow work, clearing old blocks and disempowering beliefs, up levelling your sales and marketing skills, aligning your business strategy and so much more so you can evolve into your full self and your new millionaire identity.

For six months Lydia was at my side as my Business and Mindset Coach and this decision allowed me to develop my business with much greater self-confidence because I had a sparring partner for all important decisions and considerations who both asked me the right questions and gave me really valuable advice.

I appreciated the combination of coaching and mentoring very much and by working that closely with Lydia I was able to move forward much faster than I could ever have done it alone.
At all times I felt that she was bringing all her heart and mind into my business and this support was just PRICELESS. We dived deeply into creating a strong mindset - which I didn't pay too much attention to before and that was an absolute shift for my business and my personal life.

After only 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching with Lydia I was able to sell my first coaching package without even having a sales page for it. I never even dreamed of selling with this ease before. In my fourth month of business I made my first 5 figure month while working from Thailand, which was a huge game changer for me.

Lydias mastermind group I attend to additionally was the cherry on the cream cake. The support we gave to each other was really great because you can see yourself partially in all the topics of the others. Either because it concerns you at the moment, it will concern you in the future or because you have already solved it successfully. Either way it was a sisterhood I have never experienced before and it is just SO much easier when you are not alone.

Thank you Lydia for being at my side for half a year, for your kind support, for your lovely kick-ass and for believing in me all the time ❤

Teresa Bauer,  www.getremote.de

My 1:1 coaching is extremely limited and reserved for a selected number of heart-centered entrepreneurs are fully invested to become heart-centred conscious millionaires.

You are ready to invest time, money and energy into up levelling your purpose-driven and soul-based business.
I support you as you not only make millions but IMPACT millions.

We will work together for 5 months in a powerful container.

I signed up with Lydia because I needed motivation to properly work on my business and mainly set up my web page. Up until then I had been constantly waiting for the “right moment” to get inspired. During our free clarity session I was already so impressed how she just kept throwing brilliant advice and useful tools towards me. Also she really left the decision of signing up with her fully to myself. I felt so respected and she was so un salesy I just wanted to learn her ways.

I got an amazing boost from her! She gave me the tools to write up an inspiring introduction for myself and gave me tons of highly useful feedback. She was so invested in my progress and my business. I was so impressed by her dedication the whole time! She’s exactly the kind of person I needed in my life!

Working with her cleared my vision and helped me analyze myself and my business so much better. I know now what I’m worth, how my business is special and why I shouldn’t compare myself and my prices with others. I have a clear vision of my possibilities and the future of my business now.

I chose to work with Lydia because I strongly felt she shares my values both in life and business. In addition she has an amazing balance between business strategies and energy work and her guidelines are very straight forward and foolproof. I felt so perfectly held and taken care of but also guided with a steady hand at the same time. I am ever grateful for the chance of working with her!

Triin Reilson, Chef and Owner of a vegan-friendly Catering Company www.pliidibiit.com/ 


I was born and raised in Germany, and now travel the world as a free spirit, with a base in Cyprus and Switzerland.


If anyone knows the programming - good and bad - of the MIND, then it's me. I grew up in a cult, in surroundings of extreme control and learned to FREE MYSELF from mind control and rebuilt my life and personality from zero.

Therefore I am an expert on the human mind! I know how to consciously reprogram you for success and abundance on ALL LEVELS of your life and business ❤

Through extensive personal development, mindset and energy training, over the past 15 years, I have found MY VOICE, I have found my FREEDOM and TRANSFORMED my life and business and have impacted the lives of many clients.

My mission is to help more entrepreneurs to do the same through empathy and compassion. Playing small is not serving you and is hurting the planet. It is your souls job to rise and by doing so help others to rise.

An overview of techniques I use with you to powerfully help you grow:







  • check
    You have a heart-centered and soul-based online and/or offline business.
  • check
    You are making an impact in the world – and you HAVE A BURNING DESIRE to continue to deeply change the world in your unique and truly aligned way!
  • You are ambitious and driven by your purpose.
  • check
    You didn't come here to play small and hide.
  • check
    You are super coachable and open to get GUIDANCE from me in all areas mindset, energetic alignment and strategy. We do want to use our time together wisely and efficiently 🙂
  • check
    You are super coachable and open to get GUIDANCE from me in all areas mindset, energetic alignment and strategy. We do want to use our time together wisely and efficiently 🙂
  • check
    MASTERING and using your own ENERGY for high-end sales, marketing and up-levelling your personal life is something which speaks to you and excites you deeply.


  • You are waiting for a coach or mentor to SAVE you, to wave a magic wand for some miraculous transformation... 😳
  • You are a *know it all*, unwilling to hear advice and accept new ideas and perspectives on your challenges. 
  • You are a late payer and late arrival to our sessions, neither respecting mine or your time and energy.
  • You'd rather stay in the small version of yourself, not wanting to step into your FULL POTENTIAL. You don't have big goals. Making a big impact and big income is not of importance to you. You find excuses related to making huge amounts of money and say heart-centered sensitive entrepreneurs should be all about the service or give your time away for free – without understanding that money is energy.
  • You are not willing to take RESPONSIBILITY and blame everyone around you for your life circumstances. 😢
  • You are slow in implementation and don't take action unless you have a *nurse or nanny* on your side..... 😅

I hired Lydia because I knew I couldn't accomplish, what I was striving for, on my own. At least not at this speed.

What I got through the coaching is far beyond everything I could imagine: I am deeply and strongly connected to my vision. I was finally able to be aware of my vision. It has been there ever since, hidden behind deep fears and limiting beliefs. Lydia helped me to perceive these layers and let them go layer by layer. Step by step I revealed my true self. I grew a deep understanding of my very own uniqueness and how to make use of it in the best way possible for my own benefit and the benefit of my loved ones and clients.

The quality of my coaching work changed strongly. It reached new levels of depth, clarity, connection and authenticity. I experienced very clearly, that my clients evolve as much as I do. I feel a love for my work, that makes it stop feeling like work.

Ease and harmony entered into all areas of life. My life has been evolving since more and more towards my dream reality. I am grateful and happy.

If you want to create your soul business out of your own power, love and depths and lay a strong, happy and gratifying foundation in your life, get in touch with Lydia. She will always give you what you need. The coaching was and is worth every cent I paid. If I could turn back the clock and decide once more, I would do the same again.

Dear Lydia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jessica Josiger, Spiritual Guide & Mentor, Shaman & Medium



Before we start into our 1:1 coaching, I will send you an extensive questionnaire, which I ask you to fill in & send back to me before our first session (details will be sent upon signing up).

Filling in this questionnaire will initiate the process of your transformation. <3


We will then start off with a 1:2:1 personal 90-minute-long strategy session, where we dive deep into your current business situation and where the focus for the coming months will be in your business & life. 

In this session we will identify your blocks and start 
shifting your energy ON ALL LEVELS. We lay the foundations for the forthcoming powerful financial and personal breakthroughs for the upcoming months. 


Every week (for three weeks in a row) we meet up via Zoom for a 45 minute ‘Deep Coaching Call’, where we address your current obstacles, celebrate your wins and adjust your energy and strategy, so you can walk further along your path in the right direction! After that you have one week for integration, without coaching calls.


This is a very powerful healing and transformation modality, to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs on an ancestral level. From my own experience I can tell you it's just life changing!


You'll be able to join my Inner Circle, the Conscious Creation Online Experience for one whole year! That means even after our Mentoring period has finished you'll have support with monthly Group Coaching Calls, Expert Sessions and a wonderful community of extremely powerful sensitive and intuitive entrepreneurs around you! 


You can share all your questions, experiences, insights, challenges and successes with me via voice and/or text messages throughout our 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring. 
This has helped my previous clients tremendously, as they are held, nourished and positively infused by my calm, loving and powerful energy!

I will reply within 48hours and usually within this time. Access to me is from Monday to Friday between 10am-5pm. I will help you stay accountable and focussed on your soul-aligned income and impact goals!


It’s challenging to change yourself when you are surrounded by the same circumstances, routines, people and situations.

This is why I have created my Mentoring Program with 2 transformational days out of your daily routine and everyday life.

By taking you out of the ordinary, I am giving you the chance AND you give yourself the permission to step into EXTRAORDINARY.

We will meet in a wonderful location for 2 days. I create an epic experience based wholly on your needs on our TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP LIVE 121 DAYS - in London, Zurich, Berlin (or any other location - it might even be in the countryside - I will choose in prior agreement with you).

I will choose 
a beautiful blend – your designer millionaire day (including adventure, wellness, spa, work, leisure, yummy food, etc.) catering to your needs and energy, it will be an amazing uplifting and energizing day for you and your business.

Be excited! 😀

accommodation, food and activities are included for the duration.
Please pay for and arrange your own travel.)



€ 6.000 per month (+ VAT) for 3 months

If you want to commit directly to 6 months working together, you will get a discount of 6.000 € ❤

10% discount applies to payments in full

As I began the journey of starting my fourth business I knew that this time everything was different, and I wanted to go about it differently. Well, almost everything was different. It is a different industry, and is part of my soul aligned journey, and I am a very different person personally. But, I knew that business wise, I am very much the same as I was in my previous businesses. I knew that I still had the same mindset and self doubt that had - in the past - been an insurmountable obstacle to the success available to me. So, I understood that I needed to align me the business person with the me that is on the journey to realizing my higher self. That is when I approached Lydia about her coaching.

I knew that Lydia's approach was different. I'd had a lot of business execution training and experience. A lack of knowledge in multiple aspects of starting, scaling, and maintaining a business wasn't my problem. What I needed was a coach who would help me with my negative self talk, and abundance limiting past learnings. I needed a coach who would encourage me to find my big scary soulmate business calling and soulmate clients, and match their frequency. I needed a coach who would help me to see the abundance in my life in all the diverse and ever present ways it already existed. I needed a coach that would encourage me to think big and start with my heart, which is exactly what I got from Lydia.

That is why when a friend of mine started talking about her awakening and having to fire her very expensive business coach - because he was not aligned with, nor supportive of, her awakening - I immediately recommended that she work with Lydia. She is all about the alignment of your higher-self, soulmate clients, and your business!!

Jerven Carter, - www.jervencarter.com

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